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Allagash Hugh Malone Ale

Hugh Malone is a blend of both Belgian and U.S. brewing traditions. This limited release Tribute Series beer combines the intense characteristics of American aroma hop varieties with the delicate esters of a Belgian style yeast. It is brewed with a blend of Pilsner Malt and Raw Wheat and fermented with the Allagash house yeast strain. Each year, the brewers work together to choose specific hop varieties, in order to impart the right balance of citrus, fruit, pine and spicy notes. We add a portion of hops to the sweet wort in the kettle, a technique known as "first wort hopping." As the boil begins a generous amount of Chinook and Warrior hops are added for bittering, followed by aroma hops (Centennial, Cascade and Ahtanum) in the whirlpool. After fermentation, the finished beer is dry-hopped prior to packaging with Cascade, Centennial, Galaxy and Azacca hops.

With our Tribute Series beers, we honor and give back to organizations in our home state that make a positive impact in our greater neighborhood. Allagash will donate $1 from every 4-pack of Hugh Malone Ale to community gardens and others supporting sustainable agriculture.

Description: Belgian Style IPA
ABV: 7.8%
Profile: Floral Nose, Fruity, Dry Finish
Serving Temperature: 40°-50°F
Availability: Limited Annual Release
Package: 750ml bottle, 5.17 gallon keg
Ideal Within: Six Months

Food Pairings:

Hanger Steak, Pommes Frites and Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Allagash Hugh Malone

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