Allagash Cider

Put simply, this cider is dry, balanced, and comes in at an incredibly sippable 6.1% ABV. Put less imply, the juice of the pressed, local apples were co-fermented with a Pét-nat yeast strain and a yeast strain harvested from one of our spontaneously fermented Coolship beers. Add to that, a portion of this batch was also aged in oak barrels. Complicated? Yes. Easy to drink? Also yes.

Beer Details

Apple Varietals: Cortland, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious, Goldrush, Crimson Crisp, Northern Spy, Roxbury Russet, Hudson’s Golden Gem, Esopus Spitzenburg
Yeast: Pét-nat & Wild
Spices/Other: Barrel-aged
ABV: 6.1%

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