Hibernal Fluxus 2016

The name Fluxus is Latin for continuous change and every summer we’ve brewed a different recipe under the Fluxus name. This year, we’re introducing Hibernal Fluxus: a winter sibling to the Fluxus tradition. The first annual Hibernal Fluxus is a Belgian-style stout brewed with figs. Its taste straddles the rift between roasty and sweet with notes of bitter baking chocolate, espresso, biscuit malt, and mocha—a chewy, creamy inauguration of a new tradition.

We love living and working in Maine, and brewing beers in tribute to local organizations is one way we give back to the people making a positive impact in our home state. A portion of the proceeds from Hibernal Fluxus goes to Window Dressers, a local group helping underprivileged Maine families conserve fuel and reduce heating costs through the winter.

Beer Details

Availability: Limited

Package Size: 750 ml, 1.5 L, Draft

ABV: 8%

Grains: Marris Otter, Roasted Barley, Midnight Wheat, Special B, Chocolate Malt, Oats

Hops: Northern Brewer, Hallertau

Spices/Other: Figs

Yeast: House

Serving Temp: 45-50°F

Ideal Within: 1 year

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Giving Back