Midnight Brett

Midnight Brett gets its name from the Midnight Wheat we brew it with. The dark wheat gives it a deep, dark chocolate color. The aroma opens with fresh berries and sour cherries, and ends with a warm roastiness. Each sip offers smooth drinkability met with the zip of tart fruitiness on the palate. We brew this beer with 2-row, Midnight wheat, raw wheat, and rye malt. It’s hopped with a blend of Perle, Glacier, and Simcoe hops.  We then add our house strain of local, wild Brettanomyces yeast. The yeast works its magic over the next eight months where the beer ferments in a stainless tank. Midnight Brett begs to be shared no matter the hour on the clock.

Beer Details

Grains:  Allagash 2-row Malted Barley Blend, Midnight Wheat, Raw Wheat, Rye Malt

Hops: Perle, Glacier, and Simcoe

Yeast: Brettanomyces

Total Fermentation and Conditioning Time: 8 months

Serving Temp: 40-50°F

Ideal Within: Four years

First Released: November 2013

Availability: Limited

Package Size: 375 ml, Draft

ABV: 7.3%

Available in:

375 ml

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