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Breakfast plate

Our good friend, and South Carolina afficionado, Max (@SCBeernerd) was kind enough to show us around his home of Charleston. The goal was not necessarily to just hop from bar to bar—as fun as that would have been. Our true mission was to experience the “you can’t get it anywhere else” moments around Charleston.

From the perfect sunrise view, to lunch at Leon’s, Max steered us incredibly right. You can find some photos of our experience below, or head to our Instagram for more photos of our excellence-packed day.

Arthur Ravanel Jr. Bridge

For sunrise, we met in Charleston proper for a pink-tinged view of the Arthur Ravanel Jr. bridge. The necessity of rising early to catch this scenic view made the next stop a no-brainer.

Second state coffee

You’ll find Second State Coffee in Charleston’s historic Harleston Village neighborhood. They’ve been doing their thing since 2012, and by the taste of the coffee and croissant we enjoyed, their thing is exactly what they should keep doing.

Biscuit sandwich

What to wash down breakfast with but more breakfast? Millers All Day on Lower King Street brought the biscuits.

cast iron skillets

To digest, we took a tour of the operation over at Smithey Ironware. Their expertise is in cast iron skillets. On top of being top-notch metal workers, they were excellent hosts.

Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop. The name is both descriptive and correct. Situated in an old garage, Leon’s was chock full of character to match the food.

Charleston Wine + Food

The rest of the day we spent browsing the vast selection at Charleston Wine + Food. If you’ve never been, it’s a festival celebrating beer, wine, spirits, and food in the heart of Charleston. Truly a special event.

Charleston at night

To finish, we meandered back to our hotel. From the beautiful waterfront to the historic architecture, Charleston is one of a kind. It was a day we (and our stomachs) won’t soon forget.

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