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Brett IPA – Hopped and Tropical

Allagash Brewing Company Brett IPA on a dock

Brett IPA is back with fruit-forward hops galore. What sets this IPA apart is the yeast we brew it with: Brettanomyces (often just called “Brett”). As many of you know, we’re often considered a yeast-focused brewery. We will admit, we love the subtle and balanced flavors you can get from our microscopic friends. So, using yeast as a way to put our own spin on the style, we created Brett IPA.

Brettanomyces is known for the variety of flavors it imparts, the most notable of which would be big fruit-forward notes. We’re talking mango, pineapple, and all sorts of tropical fruit. We then pair that fruit profile with a healthy amount of Bravo, Cascade, Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, and Galaxy hops. This makes for one deeply tropical IPA.

Allagash Brett IPA on the bottling line

Our favorite Brettanomyces-fermented IPA on the bottling line.

One of the big reasons we’re pumped about this beer is how excited so many of you were about it last year. These two quotes sum it up pretty nicely.

“Brewers found new and intriguing ways to weave hops and funky yeast strains together this year, but none did it better than Allagash.”

-Draft Magazine, “The Top 25 Beers of 2017


“For its superb Brett IPA, the best example of this IPA subgenre that we found this year, Allagash uses the Brett strain not for the funk factor, but to double down on fruit-forward hop aromas.”

-Serious Eats, “The Best New Beers of 2017

The original idea for the beer came from a theory posed by one beer historian. Early IPAs, this historian supposed, were shipped overseas in wooden barrels, which weren’t the most secure of shipping vessels. Some of those barrels, somewhere along the way, were inoculated with wild Brettanomyces yeast floating through the air. Our idea was this: what if instead of accidentally getting some Brett in an IPA, we put it there intentionally?

Allagash Brett IPA

The result was such a success that we’re releasing it to our entire distribution footprint for the second year in a row. It started shipping out in September, so you can expect it in your area soon, if it hasn’t already arrived.

As a bonus, funds from this beer help support The Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland. We’ve got dog owners all over the brewery, and ARLGP does amazing stuff for our local furry friends.

You can keep your eye out for Brett IPA with our beer locator, or just stop by the brewery and grab some today!

Bottle of Allagash Brett IPA and dog

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