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Building Community with Window Dressers

volunteers for Window Dressers

During a Maine winter, home heating becomes a pressing issue. The prime culprit for where homes lose heat: windows. Fighting that hard fact of Maine living are our friends at Window Dressers.

The Window Dressers model is tangible and effective. If you find yourself in need of home heating assistance in Maine, you can apply for low-cost window inserts built by Window Dressers. A volunteer then comes to your home, measures your windows, and gives you a quote. Beyond low-cost options, Window Dressers also takes applications for free home inserts, to help those in need. Volunteers, and often those who have requested inserts themselves, come out for the build day. Builds take place in all variety of locations—often in spaces donated by local partners. The Window Dressers team guides volunteers in constructing window inserts and can fabricate around ninety inserts per day. Over the course of a recent four-day build we held at the brewery, volunteers fabricated 355 inserts!  

building window inserts

Rob, our founder, getting in there to build inserts (he had no idea we took this photo).

These builds require a bit of space, which makes it perfect for our meeting space across the street from the brewery. It also takes quite a few volunteers, something we’re also lucky to have, given that the brewery offers 16 hours of Volunteer Time Off each year. In 2018, we hosted two builds, and just completed a build in January of 2019—making four total Window Dressers builds that we’ve hosted. As you can see from the pictures, the Window Dressers team is flexible, and can create a functioning workspace that fits the location.

If you’d like to participate, or if you’d like to apply for window inserts, we’d point you to the window dressers page right here:

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