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Celebrating Friends(giving)

We got to talking as a group about how much we love this harvest time of year – November in general feels like a good time to gather friends together to share delicious food, share some of our favorite beers, and sit around a table together sharing stories. 

We’re also celebrating 10 years of making Interlude this year, a beer that pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner. So why settle for one dinner, when we can host two, or maybe more?

We decided Friendsgiving was the perfect way to celebrate. Friends, food, interlude, and a bunch of our favorite brett beers on the table. We set some long tables up in our brew house, lined them with beer chalices and place settings, and invited our staff to bring in some of their favorite dishes.


The key to the perfect Friendsgiving? Your friends. The great food and great beer are just the icing on the cake. We love working together and hanging out together, and it was so nice to set aside a time to celebrate Friends! Cheers!

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