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Coming Soon – Hoppy Table Beer Cans at the Brewery

Hoppy Table Beer Cans

For the first time ever, we’ll be selling beer in cans. We’re going to start small, though. Small, but excellent. Later this Spring, 16 oz. cans of Hoppy Table Beer will be sold exclusively out of the brewery.

When we first opened as a company, we only brewed one beer: Allagash White. Now, with this small canning line, we’re adopting the same philosophy. We want to release one beer first, in small quantities, to make sure we are putting out the best possible product that we can (heh).

Our decision to start small comes from our focus on quality. We have very high standards with our bottling line that have only gotten tighter over time. We want to bring that same quality to our cans. In fact, we’re almost spending as much on quality control equipment as we are our new canning line. We’ll be testing and learning and feeling out this canning line with an eye towards what we’re able to do with cans in the future.

Hoppy Table Beer Cans

Why now? Well for one, we feel ready. We’ve taken on a lot of projects around the brewery, from barrel aging, to brewing Coolship beers. We’re at a point where we feel ready to take on the next big challenge, and that challenge is cans. Also, we’re not blind to the love that beer drinkers have for cans. Heck, we love cans too! And everyone at the brewery is seriously excited to crack open a tallboy of HTB.

Hoppy Table Beer was the most obvious choice for our first canned beer. It has a flavor that goes well with anything, and this new canned version will be ready to go places a bottle could only dream of: on a boat, out for a hike, apres ski in the backcountry… the options are many.

This is just the start of our journey, and you’ll see it come to life some time within the next couple months. The canning line is just being installed right now, and the cans have only just landed in our warehouse. We thank you for your continued support of Allagash, and we can’t wait to join you in raising a can the next time you stop by.

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