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Upcoming Beer Release – Two Lights

12 oz. beer in a cooler

The sunny weather brings out opinions in people. Summer drinks of choice can range from a cool lager to a bubbly wine spritzer. One Allagashian decided that she was tired of choosing and so submitted this idea to our pilot system: a beer brewed with both lager and champagne yeast. To top it off, she added the must—unfermented juice—of sauvignon blanc grapes.

The resulting beer is called Two Lights, and it’s releasing to our entire distribution footprint this July.

While brewing Two Lights, we add the juice of freshly pressed sauvignon blanc grapes in the whirlpool. We then ferment it with both lager and champagne yeast for a tart, crisp, and dry profile. In flavor, Two Lights is the balanced combination of an easy-drinking lager, tropical fruit, and the snappy spritz of a freshly picked grape.

Brewing two lights

Mariah adding the sauvignon blanc must to her beer.

The Allagashian mentioned above is Mariah, a member of our administrative team. Mariah grew up not far from Allagash in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. She’s spent quite a bit of time on the coast, and knows her way around a lobster boat (her husband is a lobsterman). The beer’s name also has its origins in her hometown. Two Lights state park is a Maine landmark located right on the coast of Cape Elizabeth. Needless to say, her beer idea—in addition to being tasty as heck—had a whole lot of Mainer cred to back it up.

One of the two light houses that gives Two Lights State Park its name.

We’ll be releasing four packs of 12 oz. bottles in our tasting room this weekend (6/30). It’ll start shipping out to our entire distribution footprint the following week. You can keep a lookout for its arrival in your neck of the woods with our beer locator (

You can learn more about the beer’s ingredients right here.

Two Lights on the bottling line

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