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For the past few years, we’ve been talking about how we would love to continue the vision that former Wall Street Journal Wine Columnists, Dorothy J. Gater and John Brecher, started with their “Open that bottle night.”

Beer lovers can end up with some amazing bottles of beer – whether it’s a bottle purchased on a vacation, one that was purchased after waiting in a long line, or one that was given as a gift, sometimes bottles can become so “special” that there seems like there’s no occasion worthy of opening such a bottle. Inspired by the “Open that bottle night” movement, we decided to reach out to some of our fellow breweries and beer lovers to come up with an arbitrary time when people would have that “perfect reason” to open that bottle of beer: just because.

We wanted to choose a time during the most uneventful time of the beer calendar – when there wasn’t much going on, and we chose a Sunday, thinking that Sunday represents a relaxed and casual time, something we wanted #Drinkitnow to really be. A relaxed casual day to share great beers with great friends.

It was so amazing to see how many breweries and beer lovers from around the country joined in to share stories of that special bottle they were opening, where they got the bottle, and what it meant to them. We were awestruck by the response and to see the beer community showing their passion for something we all love. We’re definitely looking forward to next year.

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