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Farm to Face 2018 Release

Sour allagash Beer and peaches

Fresh peaches. Tart beer.

Today, we’re feeling peachy. Thanks to a bumper crop of fresh, local peaches, we’re shipping Farm to Face, a sour peach beer, to our entire distribution footprint. If it hasn’t already arrived in your area, it will soon.

This is especially good news because we weren’t actually able to release this beer last year.

We’ll let our brewmaster, Jason, explain.

“Because we make a point of using fresh local fruit, many of our beers are really beholden to the weather. In 2016, the peach crop was wiped out in New England uncharacteristically warm February weather. So we couldn’t brew any Farm to Face for 2017. We’re happy to say the 2017 peach crop was great—we received 9,000 lbs. That haul allowed us to brew enough beer to ship out.”

brewmaster bites a peach

Here’s Jason, our brewmaster, and Todd, the owner of Applecrest Farm Orchards, testing the product.

Drinking Farm to Face is like biting into a juicy, yet tart, peach. It’s a medium-bodied beer that is bright amber in color and contains aromas of peach, graham cracker, and green apple.

Farm to Face is brewed as a pale ale and then fermented in stainless tanks with house yeast. After primary fermentation, we add Pediococcus, Lactobacillus, and a whole lot of peaches. In fact, for every gallon of beer, we pour in three pounds of fresh peaches—from Applecrest Farm Orchards in New Hampshire.

But how about the name? Well, that was actually a direct suggestion from Todd, the farmer who runs Applecrest Farm Orchards. When we were first talking with him about the beer, we got off on a tangent about farm-to-table dining. He added that this beer would be one better, from the farm straight to your face. Thus, Farm to Face found its name.

Another fun fact, Todd is actually a good college friend of Rob, our founder.

Quite literally as pretty as a peach.

For the first time in two years, the beer will receive a trip to our full distribution of 17 states plus the District of Columbia.

You can keep a lookout for this beer in your area with our beer locator:  

a peach orchard

From this farm to your face.

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