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Heartset: the second Allagash & Dupont Collaboration

Heartset Allagash Beer

Brewing one collaboration beer with Brasserie Dupont would have been enough of an honor. Now, we’re lucky enough to celebrate a second collaboration. Early in 2019, Olivier Dedeycker, the fourth-generation Brewmaster of Brasserie Dupont, made a trip to Portland, Maine, to brew a beer we’re calling Heartset.

To back up a second, it was 1920 when Brasserie Dupont released what would become a pillar of Belgian beer: Saison Dupont. Their commitment to quality and innovation has helped countless brewers, including us at Allagash, appreciate the beauty of Belgian-style beer.

The inspiration for our second collaboration came from a Brasserie Dupont beer: Avec les bons Vœux de la brasserie Dupont. The name means “With the best wishes of the brewery Dupont.” It was actually originally given out as a Christmas gift to friends of Dupont, but became so popular, Dupont began brewing it in a larger way. The beer itself is a strong, flavorful saison that’s lightly dry-hopped.

Our second collaboration beer is a classically Belgian-style beer, brewed in Maine. Local Maine wheat and Allagash house saison yeast impart a bright, golden base. Savinjski Golding hops from the south of Belgium nod to tradition. Heartset was also partially fermented in square-shaped tanks, to mimic the square fermentation vessels used by Brasserie Dupont. The end result is a robust saison that bursts with classic Belgian aromatics and finishes refreshingly dry.

750mL bottles of Heartset release in our brewery’s tasting room on 7/13. If you’re not near Portland, you might be able to find this collaboration on draft across our entire distribution (CA, CT, DC, GA, IL (Chicagoland only), MA, MD, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT). Though be aware, this was a small batch, so it won’t be widely available. We recommend checking our beer locator to help find it on draft.

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