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How to Pair Lobster and Beer

Allagash beer and boiled lobster

Maine and lobster are almost synonymous. And as a Maine brewery, we’re happy to report that our flagship beer, Allagash White, is the go-to pair for our state’s dish. We don’t feel the need to be coy about this one: Allagash White, with its hint of citrus and balanced, crisp flavor, just gets the job done.


With a classic boiled lobster, the citrusy, spicy profile of Allagash White is a perfect analogue to the lemon that most people will squeeze over a hard-won piece of knuckle or claw meat. The beer, while having quite a bit of depth, also won’t overpower the lobster’s flavor, letting you enjoy both the beer and lobster meat equally.

Allagash White is also game if you’d prefer a lobster roll. Whether your preference is straight butter, or mayonnaise, both add a nice unctuous and savory oomph to the lobster meat. That extra bit of saltiness is nicely complemented by our witbier’s spice, perceived sweetness, and fruit-forward ester profile.


A lightly citrusy, balanced witbier – Allagash White

Allagash authentic lobster boil


Our main suggestion when approaching a lobster pairing is to pick a lighter beer. Not necessarily light in color but lower in ABV and more restrained in its flavors. As we said above, lobster is not a “big” flavor. Its beauty is in its subtlety, and by choosing a beer that matches that subtlety, you’ll have a truly excellent experience. 

Beer styles that we see working best with lobster and/or a lobster roll are as follows.


A dry and and balanced beer (could even be sweet-perceiving) with a light body: Allagash Tripel, Allagash Nowaday blonde ale, Sierra Nevada Nooner

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