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Long story short: because of our belief in the importance of clean water, we’re donating 10 cents from every barrel of beer we brew to Sebago Clean Waters, to help preserve clean water in our local community. In 2019, that’ll amount to around $10,000.

“We know that we’re lucky to have access to such pristine water, both as brewers and as people living in Maine,” that’s Rob Tod, our founder.  “We believe access to clean water is a right, and we want to help preserve it for generations to come. We’re proud to partner with Sebago Clean Waters to help make this a reality.”

Sebago Clean Waters (SCW) is a collaborative effort of nine conservation organizations working to protect water quality, community well-being, a vibrant economy, and fish and wildlife in the Sebago region. They’re doing this through voluntary forestland conservation.

Portland draws its water from Sebago Lake, located just northwest of the city. One out of six Mainers (more than 200,000 people) depend on Sebago Lake for their drinking water. The lake supplies 22 million gallons of clean drinking water per day.

That clean water is largely due to the forests that surround the lake—84% of the 234,000-acre Sebago watershed is covered by forests. The goal of the SCW and Allagash partnership is to conserve more forests surrounding the lakes, streams, and rivers that feed Sebago Lake. Currently, only 10% of Sebago watershed forests is permanently conserved.

Sebago Lake is so pure that it’s one of only 50 public surface water supplies in the entire country that doesn’t require filtration before treatment. The forests around the lake naturally filter it. Keeping those forests healthy means our water remains safer, less expensive, and tasting better than if the lake’s quality went down and we had to filter it artificially.

And we want to say thanks again to you. It’s your support that allows us to undertake efforts like these to improve our local community.

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