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Thirteen Lobster Rolls We Love

Bite Into Maine Lobster Roll

A real beaut from Bite Into Maine


We could go on about our love of lobster rolls for pages and pages, but really, we know that you just want to get to the list. To briefly disclaim: this list is not complete. There are nearly countless amazing lobster rolls across Maine. These are just some of our favorites—in no particular order or rank. We’d also encourage you to try pairing one or all of these with your Allagash beer of choice this summer (we prefer White with our lobster). We suspect you’ll be the opposite of disappointed.


Eventide Lobster Roll


Their Brown Butter Lobster Roll is practically legend at this point. Seriously, the steamed bun, the brown butter. Every bite is like one of the genie’s three wishes: we wish we could have just one more. It’s also awesome that Eventide has Tripel on tap—it pairs well with the nutty brown butter flavor of the roll.

Portland Lobster Company Allagash

Portland Lobster Company

While walking by this Portland staple, we feel pulled by intense gravity. Tourists and locals dancing side by side. Pitchers of White. One of the best views of the harbor. Plus, it’s got a bang-up lobster roll. Yep, we’ll see you there.

high roller Lobster company allagash

High Roller Lobster Co.

What these lobster laborers do with a cart and some crustaceans is a thing to behold. They’ve got lobster cake burgers, steamed buns with lobster, lobster in griddled cheese. Of course their traditional rolls are wonderful as well. Check plus.

Two Lights lobster rolls allagash

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

The pro tip of this spot is that its patio space and picnic tables are actually BYOB. So pack a cooler full of your favorite brews, and enjoy the scrumptious lobster roll and scenic oceanside location.

Bite Into Maine Allagash

Bite Into Maine

Their first food truck location in Fort Williams Park near the Portland headlight is basically a living postcard. Not to be outdone by the view, Bite Into Maine has worked tirelessly to perfect their rolls. It’s also pretty sweet that their second food cart (bus?) will be hanging out on the Allagash tasting room patio nearly every weekend this summer.

claws Lobster Roll Allagash


A buttered, toasted New England-style hot dog bun, a tasteful helping of mayo, and a generous portion of fresh-caught Maine lobster—yep, that’s a true Maine lobster roll. Rockland is right to celebrate this gem.

clam shack Lobster Roll allagash

The Clam Shack

One entire lobster. That’s what you’re getting on a buttered, griddled hamburger bun. If it sounds simple, the flavor is anything but; the Clam Shack has been awarded a literal lobster boat full of accolades to prove the point.

Cook’s Lobster & Ale House

Out on a rocky scarp of Bailey island, you’ll find some unexpected and intriguing lobster options. There’s a roll in which the meat is tossed in a sesame ginger vinaigrette. A lobster BLT. A lobster roll sauteed in butter, and of course the classic with mayo (also available in Jumbo size).

Side Street Cafe Allagash

Side Street Café

Their position as a Bar Harbor staple for the past eight years means that you’ll find many a local enjoying this hearty roll year-round.

Lukes lobster Allagash

Luke’s Lobster

Even the drive to scenic Tenant’s Harbor looks like you’re cruising through a Winslow Homer painting. Sure, Luke’s Lobster started in NYC, but Luke himself is from Maine, and his family has been doing great things for Maine lobstermen for years.

Roberts Maine Lobster Roll Allagash

Robert’s Maine Grill

This Kittery spot has a dedication to locally sourced ingredients. The upscale, modern feel of their spot adds some extra points for ambience.

Thurstons Lobster Roll Allagash

Thurston’s Lobster Pound

On this quiet island just minutes away from Acadia National Park, we once sat down to a counter that was filled with a majority of post-work lobstermen (according to the bartender). With some White fresh off the tap and a Thurston’s roll in front of you, you’re pretty much living our state slogan of “the way life should be.”


Reds Lobster Roll Allagash

Red’s Eats

Red’s gives you a lot of lobster. Seriously, you get a literal and figurative pile of lobster. You can hardly spy the roll. To reiterate: it’s a tin foil container full of delicious, buttered lobster. Red’s Eats is on basically every lobster roll list ever for a reason.

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