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Updates in Our Tasting Room


We’ve made the difficult decision to remain closed for tours and sit-down tastings until spring. Although we miss our customers and friends—and very seriously and thoroughly considered re-opening our doors—we ultimately decided to err on the side of caution. The reality is that we are first and foremost a production facility. When we looked at the choice to not open our tasting room to guests through that lens, it became much simpler: we couldn’t confidently protect our employees and business while opening our tasting room and brewery to guests. 

Please know that we’re eagerly looking forward to re-opening and are continuously investigating how to do that safely and effectively this spring. We sincerely thank you for your patience and would still love to see you at the brewery this winter for grab-and-go beer service.

We miss you too, friends.

6-pack of Allagash White bottles and chalice


1: Curbside Pickup: you can order ahead for curbside pickup through Allagash on the Fly

2: Delivery: Our beer delivery will now be through Carhop, who will deliver all beer available in our tasting room to the Greater Portland Area and beyond. 

3: Our new Drive-Thru service recently opened. Simply drive up, make your order, and get the beer delivered directly to your car.

We will have all of our packaged beers, limited merchandise, and for the first time ever, we are extremely excited to announce the addition of growler fills to our line-up! Growlers will be part of the offerings beginning on June 8. We will feature three beers to start: Golden Ale aged in Rum Barrels, Saison Violette, and Wild Ale aged on Quince Fruit. 

On Tours and Sit-In Pours

We will not be opening up our tasting room for sit-in beer flights or pours at this time.

For the safety of our staff and the safety of our local community, we weren’t feeling ready to fully open our tasting room to sit-down guests. Based on the policies we’ve instituted at the brewery to keep our employees safe and healthy, we wouldn’t be able to give our visitors the full Allagash experience—so we decided that it would be better to wait than to have a less-than-great solution. We also feel strongly about not incurring additional risk for our guests and staff—risk that also has the chance to jeopardize our ability to brew and package beer.

We’ve also decided to put our tour program on hold for the foreseeable future. Our tours were built on our love of sharing our brewing space, giving guests tastes of unique, small-batch beer, and providing an amazing experience. With the protocols that we’ve implemented to keep our staff safe, our tour program wouldn’t have offered nearly as memorable an experience for our guests, which is why we chose to pause it, rather than keep it going in a limited—and inevitably unsatisfying— form.

We hope you’re well and safe and can’t wait to see you soon!

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