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Vermont is for (Cheese) Lovers

Last year, we were lucky enough to get to visit Jasper Hill Farms in beautiful Greensboro Bend, Vermont. Big fans of Jasper Hill Cheese already, we were so impressed by their attention to quality and detail, and to see the place where the delicious cheese making magic happens. 

This past weekend, we took a field trip to Vermont to do a cheese and beer tasting at Healthy Living Market and Cafe in South Burlington, Vermont. We brought the beer, Jasper Hill Farms brought the cheese;  twist our arms, we will try a bunch of cheese to figure out the best pairings!

In addition to setting us up with cheese pairings, the team at Healthy Living also created this delicious recipe for Oysters sauce that pairs great with cheese and is made with Allagash White.

We can’t wait to recreate the whole experience with cold beer at home! See recipe below to try it yourself! Cheers very much.

Beet Jalapeno Hot Sauce
2 beets; peeled and diced
10 jalapenos; ends removed and coarsely chopped
1 cup red wine vinegar
5 cloves garlic
2/3 cup Allagash white
Salt; to taste
2-4 Tbsp brown sugar
Place beets, peppers and vinegar in a medium saucepan. Put in enough water to cover everything and place on a burner on high. Bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes. Pour contents in a blender and add garlic, beer, salt and sugar. Puree until smooth and add more salt and sugar if needed. Thin with water if mixture is too thick. Enjoy!

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