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We’ve got big plans for our tasting room

Woman holds up a chalice of beer in the Allagash Tasting Room

We’re excited. Very, very excited. Why? We’re in the process of planning something big for people who love enjoying our beer here in Maine. 

We just agreed to purchase 7-plus acres of land in Scarborough, Maine, to develop and build a new custom-designed tasting room that we’re hoping to open in 2024. The land we purchased is located as part of The Downs, an area right off I-95—a 15-minute drive from our brewery. 

As our Founder, Rob, puts it: Portland has been and will always be our home. It’s where we brew all of the beer that made us what we are today, where our team of over 140 people work, and that’s not changing.

We’re not moving any of our brewing or packaging operations away from the brewery in Portland. Our current tasting room area is going to stay open for at least the next two-ish years, until our space in Scarborough is complete. So, for you, nothing about our current tasting room is going to change until, at earliest, 2024. You’ll still be able to stop by our brewery, enjoy a variety of fresh beers, grab a lobster roll, and bring some beer home.

This new tasting room is going to be right in line with our B Corp dedication to serving our community and our employees. It’ll also be a great opportunity to continue to evolve with new ideas and initiatives to give you, our friends, an even better experience than ever when you come by to visit. 

So, all that being said, we hope you’re now even a fraction as excited as we are. We’ll have plenty more exciting details in the future on what our new tasting room is going to look like and what it’ll allow us to do for beer fans of all kinds.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you on Industrial way! We’re open Mon & Thu: 11-6, Fri & Sat: 11-7, Sun: 11-5, Tue & Wed: Closed. 



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