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What’s Pouring on the Fifth Tap?

Allagash Fifth tap beer

Here at Allagash we have ideas for beers. Lots of ideas. Meaning, there’s a solid list of potential Allagash beers that nobody outside of Allagash has tasted. Not anymore. The Fifth Tap Series is here to bring more small-batch, innovative beers to Allagash fans.

All beers in the Fifth Tap series will be first-time releases at the brewery. While some of them might also get a small bottle distribution, you can be sure that if you see a “fifth tap” label next to it in our brewery’s tasting room, it is a new beer that we’ve never poured before.

Another way to think of our Fifth Tap is as a taste of our pilot system. The pilot system is our brewery’s hub of creativity, where any employee—from marketing to the lab to finance—can brew a beer idea. It’s where we find out the answer to questions like: what would it be like if we added rose hips to this beer? Or aged that beer in whiskey barrels rather than bourbon barrels? Or what would this beer taste like if we aged it on figs?

fifth tap beer

So what sort of beers, exactly, will be appearing in the Fifth Tap Series? We’ll tell you:

Bijoux – Started pouring on 4/21 – A fruit-forward wild golden ale aged on a blend of Turkish and Mission figs. Tart fruit flavors of peaches, fig, and a hint of pie crust. 7.9% ABV

Stout in Maine-Grown Oak Barrels – Starts pouring soon – A robust stout aged in new oak and bourbon barrels. Full-bodied with warm notes of molasses, oak, and coffee. 10.1% ABV

Jill will bijoux

Jill, who runs our tasting room, holds her beer idea, Bijoux—a wild ale barrel-aged on figs.

And as a sneak peek, here are some upcoming beers that we don’t have dates for yet—but that will be hitting our tasting room taps in the near future.

Saison Cycle – Rustic and dry saison aged in Rack IV Saison Spirit barrels for a hint of whiskey and vanilla.

Eye of the Swarm – An opaque, black beer aged in Brennivin barrels. Earthy aromatics and a burnt sugar sweetness pair with its nutty graham cracker and coffee notes.

Strictivus – A balance of sour and sweet. Cherry and raspberry notes pair with the subtly floral aspect of this light-red wheat beer.

Sour Wheat Beer with Spices Ver. 1 –  A foudre-soured wheat beer with sumac, rose hips, and orange peel. Features an array of floral and tropical notes including lemon, citrus, and peppery spice.

We can’t wait to share all of these beers with you and many more. Next time you’re by the brewery, let the Fifth Tap symbol guide you to a unique and tasty beer.

Tap list wall at Allagash

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