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Wild Beer Roundup 2018 – Full Bottle List

Allagash Wild Beer Roundup
Allagash Wild Beer Roundup

The Wild Beer Roundup is around the corner. Everyone at Allagash is getting pumped up for another day of fun, games, and loads of gems from the Allagash cellars. On Saturday (1/27) we’ll throw the brewery doors open at 8:00 AM—though in years past people have lined up before. Beers go on sale at 9:00 AM sharp.

Without further ado, here’s the wild—as in, “holy dang that’s a wild amount of beer”—bottle list for this year’s roundup:

2-Bottle Limit Beers:

Astrid ‘15,

Avancé ‘16

Century ‘16

Coolship Red ‘17

Cuvée d’Industrial ‘15

Émile ‘16  

Farm to Face ‘14

Ghoulschip ‘17

Helena ‘15

Mattina Rossa ‘16

Nancy ‘14

Uncommon Crow ‘17



1-Bottle Limit Beers:

Coolship Balaton ‘10

Coolship Red ‘12

Coolship Resurgam ‘11

Coolship Resurgam ‘12

Ganache ‘17

Invisible Orange ‘15

Little Sal ‘16

Pick Your Own ‘16

Tiarna ‘15

Uncommon Crow ‘15

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