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a meal of grits, okra, fried fish, and Allagash and Crowns & Hops Cur-8

Recipe – Southern-Fried Fish Paired with Cur-8

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Words + Recipe: Stephanie Grant

Images: Ali Lamoureux


Fish fries are a staple in the Black community, going back as far as our first days on this continent. On Saturdays, enslaved people would work until noon, and some would spend the rest of the day fishing, bringing back whatever they caught for the rest of the community. That time-honored tradition still stands today, reaching across the country, gathering together friends and families for celebration and fellowship. Read More

Some Curieux with Allagash Curieux Gingerbread Cookies

Recipe – Curieux Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies

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Article and Recipe by Stephanie Grant

Images by Ali Lamoureux


My holiday season usually kicks off with the sound of Karen Carpenter, the Temptations, and Johnny Mathis. Next come decorations, holiday movies, and old Christmas episodes of favorite TV shows. My husband and I move through the season checking off this imaginary to-do list. Do we have hot chocolate in the pantry? What’s our budget for gifts? Are we finally going to get around to decorating the outside of our house like “real” grown ups? And perhaps my favorite—do we have enough butter and flour?  Read More

look at the golden goodness that is Allagash Tripel

Step-By-Step – How to Throw a Beer & Dinner Party

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Article by Stephanie Grant, Pictures by Ali Lamoureux

Even before I could throw dinner parties, I loved them. As a little girl, I would cuddle up with my mom’s tattered copy of the Joy of Cooking, which had an entire section on entertaining—from folding napkins to setting the table. That book sparked an excitement for hosting that hasn’t waned. And after hosting a few dinner parties over the years, I’ve learned a few tips to mitigate any potential stress you might encounter while planning your own. Read More

Allagash Haunted House truffles


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In more ways than one, Stephen King helped shape me into the person I am today. As a little girl, I’d grab a book from my mom’s collection—Cujo, The Shining, Pet Sematary—and happily disappear into a world of horror, gore, and terror. Admittedly, I was a little too young to dive into such spine-chilling stories, but it fostered my love of reading and eventually writing. It also gave me a love for horror, and its ultimate holiday—Halloween.  Read More

Bonfire with North Sky

Tips for Throwing the Best Bonfire Party

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Every year, my husband and I excitedly watch the temperature drop from the 100s to the 60s. We emerge from our summer shelter to breathe in the crisp, clean air—free of the oppressive weight of humidity. We spend most of our time outside during fall—sometimes it’s a quick and easy hang on the porch with a beer in hand. Other times we throw a few logs in the firepit and get lost in the beauty of the flames and conversation.  Read More

Allagash Sixteen Counties in the garden

Beer Pairings for Spring Activities

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There’s something magical about spring. After months of frigid temperatures, gray skies, and snow, nature transitions into a lush, verdant landscape that beckons us to abandon heavy layers and enjoy the outdoors in a new way. While there’s something I love about every season, spring is one of my favorites—there’s nothing like watching a tree go from bare to brimming with blooms. In honor of spring, here are four ways to make the most of the season. Read More

Image of a tasting of Allagash Beers

What is a beer style?

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Beer styles are meant to give you an idea of what you’re going to experience, before you experience it. Think of it like a genre of movie, but for beer. In the same way that you know, generally, what to expect when you hear action movie, rom-com, or drama, beer enthusiasts know what to expect when they hear biére de garde, California common, or wee heavy. Read More

A spread of grilled foods and beer courtesy of Allagash

The Allagash Grilling Guide: Beer Picks and Pairings

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Working at a brewery tends to make one well aware of the wonderful pairing that is a cold beer and a hot grill. In this handy little guide, we’ll give you some beer styles that we find to be particularly refreshing, some specific beer-and-food pairings that we love, and a little surprise idea for grilling that has been the hit of our barbecues recently. Read More

Allagash Little Grove and Little Leaf Lettuce

Beer Pairing – Little Grove and Soy Peach Glazed Salmon with Ginger Sesame Dressing

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The pairing of salad and beer is not a conventional one. But we’re here to report that, done right, it is indeed a delicious one. Below, you’ll find the recipe that we’ve been pairing with our Little Grove beers. They’re what we call sparkling fruited ales, and are brewed to be light, balanced, and refreshing (and only 100 calories per can). Read More

working in production

How to start building sustainability practices for any brewery

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If we’ve learned one thing about sustainability, it’s that many small choices add up to a large impact. Below, we’ve put together seven of the small(ish) decisions that we’ve made as we’ve grown as a brewery that have helped us to continue to brew more sustainably and efficiently—all in the hopes of helping other breweries implement more sustainable practices.
Read More

Timber Point park on the water

Seven of our Favorite Parks in Maine

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This post contributed by Betsy Cook, Maine State Director of The Trust for Public Land

We’re all spending more time outside these days. In fact, Maine State Parks had their busiest year on record in 2020. It’s a way to safely see friends and family and soak up the health benefits of nature. At The Trust for Public Land, we believe parks are a community superpower. Read More

Allagash White

2020 By the Numbers

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In this post, we wanted to pause and take a look back at what 2020 meant for all of us at Allagash. The common thread was most definitely perseverance in the face of challenges: whether they were facing us as a brewery or our community as a whole. We feel lucky to be able to say that we found quite a few ways to give back where we could. We hope you enjoy this look through the numbers that made 2020 what it was. And thank you, as always, for your support, and for helping us make the most of a distinctly difficult year. Read More

2021 Allagash Beer Release Calendar

Allagash’s 2021 Beer Release Lineup

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Near the the top of the list of reasons why we’re looking forward to 2021 is this very list: our 2021 beer releases. We have our first-ever year-round organic beer, we have a saison brewed with turmeric, and we have the return of some fan (and staff) favorites—plus some updated looks and formats for beers we all know and love. The best part: all of these beers will be available across our entire distribution footprint. Read More

Maine the way Stargazing image - view of a fire tower

Viewing the North Sky – A How-To

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These tips and beautiful photography were all created by our friends at Maine the Way.

To set the stargazing scene…

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

The brittle surface crust of the snow gives way beneath my feet, sending each footfall several inches deeper than I expect. My headlamp beam bathes a spot about five feet ahead of me in blueish-hued LED light—the rest of the world is a dark void. Read More

Allagash Black is Beautiful stout

Black is Beautiful – Giving Back with Beer

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December 2020 Update

Black is Beautiful, our imperial stout, has truly delivered some beautiful results. Thanks to your purchase of this beer, we’ve donated a total of $10,000 to the Indigo Arts Alliance and Maine Inside Out—both organizations working to increase racial equity and showcase the talents of Black members in our community. Read More

Updates in Our Tasting Room

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We’ve made the difficult decision to remain closed for tours and sit-down tastings until spring. Although we miss our customers and friends—and very seriously and thoroughly considered re-opening our doors—we ultimately decided to err on the side of caution. The reality is that we are first and foremost a production facility. When we looked at the choice to not open our tasting room to guests through that lens, it became much simpler: we couldn’t confidently protect our employees and business while opening our tasting room and brewery to guests. 

Please know that we’re eagerly looking forward to re-opening and are continuously investigating how to do that safely and effectively this spring. We sincerely thank you for your patience and would still love to see you at the brewery this winter for grab-and-go beer service.

We miss you too, friends. Read More

how to tap a keg

How to Tap a Keg

By Blog, What About Beer?
Our guess is that you searched this on your phone and have a keg sitting nearby, waiting to be tapped. First, stick that keg in a bucket of ice. The keg actually pulls beer from its bottom, not the top, so if you just keep the lower third of the keg cold, you’ll enjoy frosty beer until it kicks.  Read More

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Honoring the Heritage of our Name

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[Updated 10/8/21:]

As we look back upon the first year of our partnership with Nibezun, we’re excited by the progress we’ve made and look forward to continuing our support. In addition to the $2500 grant we donated last year, our tasting room staff selected them as our Charitable Partner of the Month last October, which resulted in an additional donation of $2,776. Both of these donations helped to fund their new roof, which is the first step in preparing Nibezun for their planned solar array in the coming months. This year, we’ve made an additional $2,500 grant and plan to donate the profits from two special beers we’ll have on draft in our tasting room to Nibezun. We’ve also selected them as our Charitable Partner of the Month for October again this year. As we mention in the post below, we continue to take these steps in anticipation of more to come.

[Original post:]

Today, October 12th, is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Maine. This holiday is the result of important work by Maine’s Indigenous Wabanaki Confederacy and their fight for legislation to have this day officially recognized.  Read More

Allagash stout

Like Stouts? Try these other beer styles.

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Stouts are delicious, dark, roasty beers with a variety of flavor notes like chocolate, caramel, biscuit, dark fruits, and more. Our stout North Sky features some smooth notes of chocolate and caramel alongside a hint of sweetness. Stouts tend to derive most of their flavor from malt as opposed to hops or yeast. If you like stouts, there are plenty of beers, both in and outside the stout family, that we think you’ll love. Read More

Allagash White Six-Pack

Allagash White – Now in 6-packs

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For pretty much our entire history, if you weren’t at a bar or restaurant, you could only find Allagash White in a 4-pack of bottles. Four was just the right amount to break out for a special occasion. Sometimes people shared them. More often, those people would hide their 4-pack at the back of their fridge and save it for themselves. Read More

Sushi and beer pairing with Allagash Brewing

How to Pair Sushi and Beer

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Sushi is a delicate food. Its portions, ingredients, and even the culture surrounding it all celebrate the power of simplicity. Because of that simplicity, every ingredient grows in importance. Overall, we recommend a beer that develops slowly across the palate, and won’t overwhelm the sushi or your taste buds. The sublime combination of rice, fish, soy sauce, and often nori (toasted seaweed) is what we’re trying to match our beer to.

Read More

hazy beer in a chalice

I like IPAs. What other beer should I try?

By Blog, What About Beer?
At this point in time, the most widely available style of craft beer is the IPA (India Pale Ale). This wildly popular and sometimes polarizing style can range from clear to hazy to bitter to juicy. The style’s predominant flavor comes from the higher amount of hops used in the brewing process which provide a pop of tropical fruit, herbs, citrus, or stone fruit (etc.) depending on the hop varieties used. Read More

Allagash White Chalice

Crafted For All – Our Commitment

By Blog, Inside Allagash, Philanthropy, B Corporation, Beer Releases and Brewery News
We’re excited to announce that we’ve made the Crafted for All commitment. Meaning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to continuing to take specific, measurable steps toward improving inclusivity, justice, and equity within our brewery. Created by Dr. J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Crafted For All is a framework built to diversify and expand the craft beer community. Read More

The many colors of Allagash beer

Beer for people who think they don’t like beer

By Inside Allagash, What About Beer?, Blog
For years, we’ve heard guests say that while they “don’t really like beer,” they love our flagship beer, Allagash White. If you’re thinking, “that sounds like me,” then we’d bet that there are probably plenty of other beers you’d like! One of the many wonderful things about beer is how varied it is. Ranging from dry to sweet, light to dark, even fruity or funky. Read More

pairing burgers and beer

How to Pair Burgers and Beer

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The prevailing culinary wisdom here in America is that burgers pair best with hoppy beers. We don’t disagree. Hops are a nice way to cut through fat and bolder flavors in a burger’s toppings. But there’s more to consider when looking for a beer to enjoy with your burger. This blog is about getting the most out of this quintessentially American meal. Read More

The Best Oyster and Beer Pairings

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Oysters and beer are a remarkable pair. The brine from the oyster not only complements and highlights aspects of the beer, it’s washed clean by the beer’s crisp carbonation, inviting you to eat another oyster (and another oyster and another oyster and…). And if you go up and down the coast—even sometimes from different spots in the same river—each oyster has its own unique profile. This is due to what is known as merroir: the influence that the environment has on an oyster’s appearance and taste. Read More

Allagash Along the Way a 25th anniversary wild ale

A look back at 25 Days of Giving

By Blog, Inside Allagash, Philanthropy, Beer Releases and Brewery News
Since all the way back in 1995, the Maine community has had our back. Even though they were initially (and understandably) perplexed by our hazy, citrusy witbier, they soon found a love for it that has only grown with time. Because our community has given us so much support, we wanted to celebrate our 25th anniversary by giving back to them. So we created 25 Days of Giving. Read More

Allagash White 19.2 oz. cans on the production line

How to properly recycle beer cans, carriers, caps, and more.

By Blog, Inside Allagash, Sustainability, What About Beer?
Since the early days of Allagash, we’ve strived to be an environmentally and socially responsible community member. As the company gained employees, a group of sustainability-minded folks formed a “green team”. That team worked to educate customers and themselves on how to be more socially responsible. That included efforts to: support local farming, learn how to compost, reduce our water usage, and identify which materials we could and couldn’t recycle. Read More

Allagash Nowaday Blonde Ale

What makes a refreshing beer?

By Inside Allagash, What About Beer?, Blog
To us, beer has a wonderfully refreshing quality. It’s fizzy, flavorful, and just that perfect balance between light and full-bodied that almost requires a satisfied “ahhhhhh” after every sip. Of course, not every beer is perfect for a warm summer day. Some are better suited for winter evenings by the fire, others for pairing with dinner. But in this blog, we’re thinking of the lighter, fizzy beers—the Pilsners, the saisons, the witbiers—that perfectly complement a warm day. What exactly are the individual parts that make up a satisfying, flavorful, and refreshing beer? Read More

Sour allagash Beer and peaches

How do you make a fruited beer?

By What About Beer?, Blog
One of beer’s most remarkable aspects is its versatility. On top of the fundamental ingredients of water, grain, yeast, and hops, a brewer can add almost any extra ingredients (unless you’re in Germany, where there are literal brewing laws about what you can put into beer). Ingredients found in beer today include fruit, chocolate, coffee, nuts, waffles, cookies, spices, cocoa, marshmallows, breakfast cereal, toffee, and so much more. This is not to say that WE use all of these ingredients, just that brewers, mainly in the United States, have really been pushing the limits of what can be added to beer. Read More

Taking a Stand Against Racial Injustice

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UPDATE – 6/9/2020

As part of our ongoing effort to be allies to the Black members of our community—and to raise funds for nonprofits fighting to make progress for racial justice—we’ll be donating 100% of profits from our online store all week (6/8-6/14) to BEAM (Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective), the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the Maine Community Foundation People of Color Fund.

We’ve dedicated ourselves as a brewery, and as people, to using beer as a force for good. As a way to bring people together. So as we watch tragedy and turmoil rip our country apart, it’s our obligation to use our platform to speak out. Read More

What makes a beer crisp?

By What About Beer?, Blog
Across the brewing industry, one beer descriptor keeps popping up: crisp. It’s used to describe various styles, with various alcohol content, and various flavors. So what does it mean? The way we see it, the word “crisp” has become an encapsulation of a range of important brewing concepts. So we wanted to take our best shot at defining what “crisp” really means, and what sort of beers exemplify this descriptor. Read More

How we’re doing – an update from Rob, our founder

By B Corporation, Beer Releases and Brewery News, Blog, Inside Allagash, Philanthropy
May 11, 2020

I’ve been wanting to write a public update for about a month—to give our supporters and others in the beer industry a clear picture of how we’re weathering this crisis. But each time I considered it, it felt too early. So much was in flux that it would have been like writing about a baseball game after only the first inning. Now that there’s a little more clarity around our near future, I wanted to fill everyone in on how we’re doing at Allagash.  Read More

Allagash White in a can

The Allagash 2019 B Corp Report

By Blog, Inside Allagash, B Corporation

In 2019, we became a certified B Corp and the first benefit corporation in the state of Maine. Below, you’ll find our very first report. It details the various initiatives across our brewery aimed at improving the lives of our employees, the sustainability of our business, and the wellbeing of our community. Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us and the ways in which we’re striving to be a better brewery, every day.

Beer for the Front Lines

By Blog, Inside Allagash, Philanthropy, B Corporation, Beer Releases and Brewery News

Wow, thank you all for coming out. It turns out your enthusiasm for our “$1 beer for front line medical workers” offer was orders of magnitude beyond what we could have imagined. We’re sorry to say that we no longer have beer to provide. By the time we ran out, we had handed out over 11,400 cans of beer. Read More

Giving Back – Wherever and However we can

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[Updated: 4/20/20]

The situation we’re now all faced with has created immense challenges for us as a brewery, and for all of us as a society. At Allagash, we’ve been lucky to have the resources and support in place to weather this situation, while also finding ways to continue to help our community. Below, in order to give our team the kudos they properly deserve, we wanted to keep a running list of some of the positive contributions we’ve been able to make to our community. We’ve also added a section at the top of this list containing ways that you can help us in supporting our community. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

Read More

What is a Pilot System?

By Blog, What About Beer?
When it comes to innovating new beer, we rely on every single person that works at Allagash. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been at the company for ten days or ten years. That’s how our pilot system works: anyone at our brewery with an idea can propose the next big Allagash beer. Read More

What is Belgian Beer?

By Blog, Inside Allagash, What About Beer?
Sandwiched between France, Germany, and the Netherlands is a country that gained its independence in 1831. It’s known in the brewing world for its idiosyncratic traditions just as much for the world-class beer its brewers produce. We’re talking about Belgium, of course—and the brewing tradition that has inspired us since the beginning. Read More

Allagash Brewing Company

Beer Fundamentals – What about water?

By What About Beer?, Blog
In any beer you’ve ever enjoyed, 85%-95% of it was water. Arguably, water could be the most important ingredient in beer. We not only brew with it, but we clean our brewing system with it, cool our wort with it, and even generate steam for brewing itself. Water is a multi-purpose substance that can’t be taken for granted. Read More

malted barley held in a hand

Beer Fundamentals – What is Malt?

By What About Beer?, Blog
Unless you’ve homebrewed or have read a lot about the technical side of brewing, we’d suspect you might have questions about what exactly “malt” is. Or why brewers tend to brew with malted barley? Or what malting even is, for that matter? Fear not! The goal of this blog is to get you familiar with malt, one of the fundamental ingredients in beer.

Read More

Allagash Brewing Company brewing vessel

What is a kettle sour?

By Blog, What About Beer?
If you’ve started to search out beers with a sour flavor profile, you’ve likely come across the term “kettle sour.” It’s probably one of the most widely available forms of sour beer at craft breweries here in the U.S. To help you understand the term, we’re going to break down what kettle souring is, in particular, and various other ways to get sour flavor into a beer. Read More

Is there a right way to taste beer?

By Quality Control, Blog, Inside Allagash, B Corporation, What About Beer?
There is in our sensory program. Outside of sensory, we enjoy beers in all sorts of different ways—cans, bottles, glasses, you name it. At the brewery, however, we taste every batch of beer before it’s released. And to make sure the beer we release is consistent, the way we taste it also has to be consistent. Here’s the breakdown of how we taste beer.
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5 Beer Styles to Help You Navigate Any Craft Beer Menu

By Blog, What About Beer?
Scanning the beer menu at a craft beer bar can feel overwhelming. With so many options, unknown breweries, and extensive beer terms, even seasoned beer drinkers struggle to find that perfect pint. In an effort to help burgeoning beer fans navigate that list, here are a few styles you’ll find at virtually every beer bar—along with some helpful clarifications you can use to decode the menu. Read More

allagash tripel poured into a glass

Tripel vs. Triple IPA

By Blog, What About Beer?
We wouldn’t fault you for thinking these two beer styles were similar. As with so many terms in brewing, there appears to be a logical connection where there’s not. But tripels and triple IPAs have almost nothing in common, other than that they’re both beer. Read More

Sour Beer: how is it made?

By What About Beer?, Blog
There are a variety of ways to get sour flavor into a beer—and an almost endless variety of beers that you can add sourness to. To be clear, we’re honestly not the hugest fans of the term “sour beer.” For us, sour is a flavor descriptor and not a beer style. Sour beers can be dark, fruity, light, heavy, anything really. But that doesn’t answer the question: how do you make a beer sour? Read More

pour of allagash white

What Makes Beer Hazy?

By Blog, What About Beer?
The haze days are upon us. At this point in time, hazy beers are widely sought by craft beer fans new and old. So we wanted to take some time to unpack what haze really is, and what its purpose in beer is. Is it intentional? A mistake? We’ll explain all that and more below. Read More

Outdoor Movie Night 101: Everything you need to know to host the most epic outdoor movie night

By Blog, Recipes, Beer-pairing, recipes, and more
This guest post was put together by our excellent friend Jenn Bravo

Our favorite experiences during the Maine summers usually involve friends, Allagash White on draft, and golden hour. Now that we have two kids, we’ve found it a bit harder to make it out to those roof-top happy hours. But that doesn’t mean we can’t kick back with our friends and kids to enjoy the summer evenings together. Cue the outdoor movie night, a regular summer Sunday tradition that literally everyone looks forward to. Read More

Wood-fired grill

Grilling Tips from Allagash Brewing Co. and Noble Barbecue

By Recipes, Inside Allagash, Beer-pairing, recipes, and more, Blog
Given the love around our brewery for a good sizzling grill, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips. We also enlisted the help of our friends at Noble Barbecue, who know more than a thing or two about lighting up a grill. Below, you’ll find grilling tips sourced from us at Allagash as well as Noble Barbecue Co-owner Ryan Carey. Read More

old cork and cage beer bottles

Does Beer Expire?

By What About Beer?, Blog
A question we get often: does beer expire? Short answer, no. Beer isn’t like milk. With age, it doesn’t actually expire or become unsafe to drink. Old beer’s taste, however, will absolutely change. But stored properly, an old beer’s effect on your body won’t be different than a freshly packaged beer. Read More

Allagash beer and cheese

Beyond Beer Cheese — Pairing Beer and Cheese

By Blog, Inside Allagash, Beer-pairing, recipes, and more
One of our favorite food-and-beer pairings is beer and cheese. Both are versatile. Both are delicious. And the flavor combinations you can create between them are surprising and abundant. We love a good beer cheese dip, don’t get us wrong. But we wanted to approach this pairing from a much broader perspective than how the two melt together. Below, you’ll find pairing fundamentals, and a few suggested pairing examples, for beer and cheese. Read More

Canoe and two fishing rods

Enjoy Maine like a Local

By Beer Releases and Brewery News, Beer-pairing, recipes, and more, Blog, Inside Allagash
We’re lucky to have a plethora of sights, hikes, adventures, and bites all within our state’s limits. And now that we at Allagash are canning, our beer is able to go places it never could before. To celebrate, we asked our staff where they were excited to bring a can of Allagash White or River Trip. We’ve compiled a highlight of their responses below. Our advice, pick an adventure and bring a couple cans for once you’re done. Read More

Allagash Cascara saison

What is: a saison

By What About Beer?, Blog
A saison, also often called a farmhouse ale, is a style of beer originating in the French-speaking Wallonia region of Belgium. In today’s brewing scene, it is widely accepted that a saison will be “exceptionally dry, highly carbonated, fruity and of moderate strength: 6-8% ABV.” Beyond that description, the saison style offers quite a bit of room for interpretation. Read More

pouring Allagash white witbier

More Allagash in Pennsylvania

By Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News
After much deliberation, we’ve decided to bring our beer beyond its current distribution footprint in eastern Pennsylvania. The timing of this launch is planned for March 15th. This will not entirely cover Pennsylvania—but will bring Allagash beer to more people in the PA than have seen it in ten years. To see the exact counties that Allagash will become available in, please scroll beyond our FAQs to the list below.

Read More

Smelting huts on a frozen river

How to: Go on a Smelting Trip

By Beer-pairing, recipes, and more, Blog
If you’re looking for a winter activity that gets you outdoors, indoors, and fishing at the same time, we recommend going smelting. Imagine this: a hut warmed through with the fragrant heat of a log-fed stove. Friends around, sharing beer and stories. All the while, out of the corner of your eye, you’re watching a line that dives into flowing water beneath a foot of ice—waiting for a telltale tug. Read More

Aroostook County Wheat at Buck Farms

The Journey to One Million

By Inside Allagash, Sustainability, Philanthropy, B Corporation, Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News
More than ever in our brewery’s history, we’re using Maine-grown grains to make our beer. In 2016, we made the pledge to increase our usage of local grain—that year, we ended up using around 65,000 pounds. In 2017, we increased it to around 150,000 pounds, and in 2018, 280,000 pounds. By 2020, we had hit 728,000 pounds. Read More

a scotch ale bottle and chalice allagash brewing company

Pictavia – A Scotch Ale Aged in Scotch Barrels

By Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News

Aromas of sweet honey and caramel, a malt-forward body and hints of oak.

Pictavia is the former name of Scotland, back when the Scots were called Picts. It’s also a scotch ale aged in scotch barrels that’s packed with aromas of sweet honey and caramel, a malt-forward body and hints of oak. The barrels this beer ages in actually held port before they held scotch, which adds another little layer to the beer. The beer ages in barrels for around two months, just enough to pull flavor from the barrel and add some depth and beautiful vanilla notes to the beer. Read More

Allagash Brewing Company Brett IPA on a dock

Brett IPA – Hopped and Tropical

By Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News
Brett IPA is back with fruit-forward hops galore. What sets this IPA apart is the yeast we brew it with: Brettanomyces (often just called “Brett”). As many of you know, we’re often considered a yeast-focused brewery. We will admit, we love the subtle and balanced flavors you can get from our microscopic friends. So, using yeast as a way to put our own spin on the style, we created Brett IPA.

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Tenants Harbor

5 of the Spots that Define Maine

By Blog
There’s a lot of Maine to love. We’re lucky to have agriculture, wilderness, food, and much more within our state’s borders. To celebrate our wealth of local goodness, we recently criss-crossed our home state during A Week in Maine, highlighting just a few places that are special to us. Together, we think they represent the amazing span of what’s available right here. If you wanted to see it all for yourself, these spots are a great place to start.

Read More

empty allagash brewing company bottles

Brewing Better Beer – Oxygen, the Enemy of Beer

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Any time that a beer is transferred from one vessel to another, it has the possibility of picking up oxygen. If done well, that amount can be infinitesimal. If it’s not done well, a whole heck ton of oxygen can get in. Before beer is sealed into a can, bottle, or keg, the total amount of oxygen the beer has picked up is called DO (Dissolved Oxygen). Whether or not there is any DO in the beer before packaging depends on how the beer was made: was it aged in barrels? Was it transferred through multiple containers? Did something go wrong? Read More

blank bottles on the allagash bottling line

Brewing Better Beer – The Art of Packaging

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The goal of packaging beer is this: get the freshest possible beer to a beer drinker. While it may sound rudimentary, it’s something our team works tirelessly to improve.

If our quality control measures on our packaging line were an iceberg, the following list would be the top of the tip. Rather than list every single thing, we’ve pulled out some of the more visual ways our team makes sure that beer moves faultlessly from our tanks to a package to your hand to your stomach. Read More

Philly Beer Week Allagash events

Philly Beer Week 2018 – Full Allagash Event List

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Philly Beer Week (running from June 1st-10th) is one giant hodgepodge of craft beer-related awesomeness. So many great breweries descend on Philadelphia for an entire week of wonderful events. We’re happy to say we’re in on the fun in a big way. Below, you’ll find a list of every event where you’ll be able to find some Allagash beer pouring. See you out there! Read More

Fermentors in a row at Allagash brewing company

Brewing Better Beer – Fine-Tuning Fermentation

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“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

John Ciardi

Yeast is the reason we’re here right now. The reason why you’re reading this, the reason why we wrote this post (or wrote anything about Allagash at all). Fermentation is a yeast cell’s goal in life. Valiantly turning sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and tasty esters. What we’re going to talk about here is how we handle fermentation at the brewery, and how we coerce these wonderfully hungry organisms into making consistent, delicious beer.

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Allagash Wild Beer Roundup

Wild Beer Roundup 2018 – Full Bottle List

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Allagash Wild Beer Roundup
The Wild Beer Roundup is around the corner. Everyone at Allagash is getting pumped up for another day of fun, games, and loads of gems from the Allagash cellars. On Saturday (1/27) we’ll throw the brewery doors open at 8:00 AM—though in years past people have lined up before. Beers go on sale at 9:00 AM sharp.

Without further ado, here’s the wild—as in, “holy dang that’s a wild amount of beer”—bottle list for this year’s roundup: Read More

Allagash Brewing Company Map 40

The Making of Map 40

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Map 40 is a Belgian-style stout blended with cold-brewed coffee. Which means that on top of brewing the beer, we have to make a whole boat-load of coffee. That being the case, we thought we’d take advantage of this extra, caffeinated step by giving you a look inside the process. Below, you’ll find a brief pictorial journey into how locally roasted coffee finds its way into a Belgian-style stout.

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10 Portland Burgers We Love

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Allagash Burger Blog - Woodford FB
Patty. Bun. Toppings.

When it comes to making a burger, those three elements are pretty much all you have to work with. That’s what makes this list of some of our favorite burgers even more impressive. And with so many great restaurants and chefs around Portland, narrowing it down wasn’t easy. Certain chefs have opted for the tried-and-true. Others have grabbed the burger idea and run sideways. Whatever type of burger you prefer, something on this list will hit your particular spot.
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Allagash Oyster Shucking

How to Shuck an Oyster

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Facing down a whole oyster can be daunting. The thin hinge. The craggy shell. The foreboding, rock-like inanimate-ness. We understand.

However hard the process of shucking appears, the right technique and some hands-on experience will have you opening fresh oysters in no time. The steps below, and visual aids, will help you get your first oysters open. Read More

Allagash Wild Beer

What is: Wild Beer

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What we call wild beer, many other people call “sour” beer. This is purely a preference, and not any hard and fast rule. But we wanted to explain why we feel like “wild” works a bit harder than “sour,” and what wild beers are to us.

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6-pack of Allagash White bottles and chalice

What’s in Allagash White?

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In part one of this blog series, we outlined what white beers are. Now we cover Allagash White.

“This beer is kind of weird.” At least that was what Rob Tod, the future founder of Allagash, thought when trying his first Belgian-style white beer. His roommate had brought home a six pack of Celis White. While that first sip may have struck him as unfamiliar, the last sip in the bottle left him intrigued. By the end of the six-pack, he was enthralled.

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Allagash White

What is a White Beer?

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At Allagash we love witbiers, literally translated from Flemish to mean “white beers.” Originating in Belgium, this style of beer is delicious, refreshing, and balanced in a way that makes it enjoyable to come back to again and again. And because we can’t get enough, we wanted to take a little time to talk about the style’s origins.

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Allagash cuvee d'industrial emptying barrels

Why Blend Beer?

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Blending beer is exactly what it sounds like. Practically, it involves a brewer sampling multiple beers and then determining (with specific measurements and careful sensory analysis) the right combination of flavors. In barrel-aged beers, this involves pulling nails from the front of aging barrels and sampling the liquid therein. Read More

Bite Into Maine Lobster Roll

Thirteen Lobster Rolls We Love

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A real beaut from Bite Into Maine


We could go on about our love of lobster rolls for pages and pages, but really, we know that you just want to get to the list. To briefly disclaim: this list is not complete. There are nearly countless amazing lobster rolls across Maine. These are just some of our favorites—in no particular order or rank. We’d also encourage you to try pairing one or all of these with your Allagash beer of choice this summer (we prefer White with our lobster). We suspect you’ll be the opposite of disappointed.

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A Pairing Dinner with Good To-Go

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Good to-go allagash black
We’ve paired our beer with quite a bit of food, but not like this. Recently, a team from Allagash took a drive down to the headquarters of Good To-Go in Kittery, Maine. Good To-Go is the brainchild of a power couple: professional cook Jennifer Scism—seriously, she beat Mario Batali on Iron Chef—and David Kooritz, an active outdoorsman and super-interesting dude—he’s been everything from an emergency room nurse to a ski patroller.

Thanks to our love for exploring the wilder areas of our mutual state, we’ve had the pleasure of eating a couple meals from Good To-Go. And when we got in touch with the Good To-Go team about a pairing dinner, they were all for it.

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gose gueuze Allagash blog

Gueuze and Gose – What’s the difference?

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This post was contributed by our VIP Tour Coordinator and Certified Cicerone, Lindsay Bohanske.


One of the best things about working in the Allagash tasting room is simply talking to people about beer. And while talking about Coolship Resurgam (our interpretation of a Lambic-style gueuze) I’ve noticed many furrowed brows. That’s how this blog post was born.

There are two beers out there that sound sort of similar, but are actually extremely different: gose and gueuze (you’ll also see it spelled geuze). To further confuse the issue, both beers fall in the wildly varied category of “sour” beers and they both contain a pretty high portion of wheat. That’s about where the similarities end.

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filling barrels with coolship

Coolship Part Three: Barrels and Beyond

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In 2007, Allagash had already been brewing according to key parts of Belgian tradition: using unconventional ingredients, bottle conditioning, and barrel aging. Brewing with a coolship was, oddly enough, the next logical step.

When talking about spontaneously fermented beer, it’s better to think of the barrel not as a container, but as an environment. Oxygen ingress—minute amounts of oxygen allowed into the barrel by the natural pores in the wood—has a profound effect on the beer.

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brewing coolship

Coolship Part Two: The Brew

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You’re looking at the swirling vortex of a turbid mash.


Normally, when brewing pretty much any style of beer, there are a couple things you want: clear, pure wort, fresh hops, and a well-behaved strain of yeast. Brewing spontaneously fermented beer turns those three requirements on their heads.

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Coolship Part One: What is a Coolship?

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In the fall of 2007 Rob Tod had an idea. Rob, the founder of Allagash, wanted to build a small, unheated shed with a vessel resembling a massive brownie pan inside of it. Then, he wanted to pump steaming, cloudy unfermented wort into that pan, let it sit out in the open overnight, and subsequently barrel age it for up to three years. In short: he wanted to brew with a coolship.

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