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The 15 New England Beers to Try before you Die

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These are the New England beers you need to get into your mouth before you shuffle off this mortal coil. The kind that may require extensive planning, waiting in long lines, shadily cajoling with people, and, in some cases, accepting defeat — temporarily, of course. Exclusivity and scarcity do not in themselves make a beer good, but they can make scoring a hard-to-get beer that much more fulfilling. Set your sights on these. Read More.

The 12 Best Beers We Tasted in 2015

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“…an amazing thing happens when you taste beers blind; you take the brewery and the beer’s reputation out of the formula altogether, so that all there is left to judge is the beer itself. The results from some tastings were downright shocking, with newcomers besting fields of heavy weights, while other results reaffirmed our love for certain style benchmark brews. One thing’s for certain—it was a fun process.” Read More

Portland Maine Drinks Scene Comes of Age

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“While cities across the U.S. have been opening quality- minded cocktail bars for the past decade, Portland—a lovely port of bricks and seagulls and the scent of the sea— seemed content to remain a city of beer bars and highballs. Restaurants intermittently rolled out a clever cocktail or two, but the city had more or less ignored the modern cocktail revolution that was infiltrating nearby Boston and beyond.” Read More

Coolship Resurgam Wins Silver

By Blog, Beer Releases and Brewery News

It’s been an exciting month for Coolship Resurgam!

We were so honored to take home a silver medal at this year’s Brussels Beer Challenge for Specialty Beer: Lambic and Geuze,  and a silver at the European Beer Star Awards for Sour Beer!

75 judges gathered from all over the world to judge over 1100 entries for the Brussels Beer Challenge, and 105 tasters gathered from 25 countries to taste and evaluate beer at the European Beer Star Awards.  Congratulations to all the medal winners and everyone who entered!

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