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How to start building sustainability practices for any brewery

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If we’ve learned one thing about sustainability, it’s that many small choices add up to a large impact. Below, we’ve put together seven of the small(ish) decisions that we’ve made as we’ve grown as a brewery that have helped us to continue to brew more sustainably and efficiently—all in the hopes of helping other breweries implement more sustainable practices.
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Allagash White Six-Pack

Allagash White – Now in 6-packs

By Blog, Inside Allagash, B Corporation, Beer Releases and Brewery News, Quality Control
For pretty much our entire history, if you weren’t at a bar or restaurant, you could only find Allagash White in a 4-pack of bottles. Four was just the right amount to break out for a special occasion. Sometimes people shared them. More often, those people would hide their 4-pack at the back of their fridge and save it for themselves. Read More

Is there a right way to taste beer?

By Quality Control, Blog, Inside Allagash, B Corporation, What About Beer?
There is in our sensory program. Outside of sensory, we enjoy beers in all sorts of different ways—cans, bottles, glasses, you name it. At the brewery, however, we taste every batch of beer before it’s released. And to make sure the beer we release is consistent, the way we taste it also has to be consistent. Here’s the breakdown of how we taste beer.
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empty allagash brewing company bottles

Brewing Better Beer – Oxygen, the Enemy of Beer

By Blog, What About Beer?, Quality Control
Any time that a beer is transferred from one vessel to another, it has the possibility of picking up oxygen. If done well, that amount can be infinitesimal. If it’s not done well, a whole heck ton of oxygen can get in. Before beer is sealed into a can, bottle, or keg, the total amount of oxygen the beer has picked up is called DO (Dissolved Oxygen). Whether or not there is any DO in the beer before packaging depends on how the beer was made: was it aged in barrels? Was it transferred through multiple containers? Did something go wrong? Read More

blank bottles on the allagash bottling line

Brewing Better Beer – The Art of Packaging

By What About Beer?, Blog, Quality Control
The goal of packaging beer is this: get the freshest possible beer to a beer drinker. While it may sound rudimentary, it’s something our team works tirelessly to improve.

If our quality control measures on our packaging line were an iceberg, the following list would be the top of the tip. Rather than list every single thing, we’ve pulled out some of the more visual ways our team makes sure that beer moves faultlessly from our tanks to a package to your hand to your stomach. Read More

Fermentors in a row at Allagash brewing company

Brewing Better Beer – Fine-Tuning Fermentation

By What About Beer?, Quality Control, Blog

“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

John Ciardi

Yeast is the reason we’re here right now. The reason why you’re reading this, the reason why we wrote this post (or wrote anything about Allagash at all). Fermentation is a yeast cell’s goal in life. Valiantly turning sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and tasty esters. What we’re going to talk about here is how we handle fermentation at the brewery, and how we coerce these wonderfully hungry organisms into making consistent, delicious beer.

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