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Beer Pairings for Spring Activities

Allagash Sixteen Counties in the garden

There’s something magical about spring. After months of frigid temperatures, gray skies, and snow, nature transitions into a lush, verdant landscape that beckons us to abandon heavy layers and enjoy the outdoors in a new way. While there’s something I love about every season, spring is one of my favorites—there’s nothing like watching a tree go from bare to brimming with blooms. In honor of spring, here are four ways to make the most of the season.

Allagash River Trip Pale ale in an ice-filled cooler

Picnic with River Trip

I love any excuse to get outside in the spring. While Atlanta has milder winters than our friends up north, we do experience cold temperatures that’ll send a chill to your bones. When spring hits, there’s a short window to enjoy warm temperatures before summer comes in with 90 degree days and humidity as thick as clam chowder. One of the easiest ways to enjoy the warmer weather is with a blanket, snacks, and a six-pack. My beer of choice here is River Trip, a pale ale that can take you from rafting to relaxing in the park or your own backyard. It’s not only refreshing, but has notes of melon and bright citrus that taste just like spring. 

Baseball game with Allagash White

You can guarantee when the Atlanta Braves hit the field this year, the air around Truist Park will be electric. And really, the kickoff of a new season is always exciting for fans and players alike, but it’s even more special when you’re World Series champions. What better way to celebrate a winning team than with an award-winning beer? Brewed with oats, malted wheat, and raw wheat, Allagash White pulls off complex flavor while also being refreshing. Even if you’re not defending champions, I’m sure you’ll be happy to pull an Allagash White from your pregame cooler.    

Allagash Swiftly IPA out for a hike with a pup

Walk/hike in nature with Swiftly

Some of my fondest memories of Honey B, our little Chihuahua and Pekingese pup, are from our hikes at Sweetwater Creek. Honey B loved our hikes, and she tackled the trail like a Girl Scout earning her hiker’s badge (despite being vertically challenged). We have a new pup now, and we can’t wait to take him hiking. After we hit the trails, I’m reaching for Swiftly, a beer named for the speed at which hops grow in the spring. This beer captures all the lush, citrusy, and resinous glory of hops, but unlike its name should be enjoyed slowly.

Gardening with Sixteen Counties

The thing I’m most excited about this spring is starting my garden. I’m still in awe of how a small seed can produce a tomato plant. I’m counting down the days until I can get my hands into the soil again. But make no mistake, as much as I love gardening, it is hard, sweaty work. Naturally, the best reward for all my hard work is a pint of Sixteen Counties, a beer that honors the rich tradition of farming in the sixteen counties of Maine. It’s brewed with grains exclusively grown and processed in Maine and has notes of honey, tropical hops, citrus, and a hint of cereal grain. And if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy every drop of this Belgian Pale Ale.

The only thing left to do is grab your favorite beer, head outdoors (don’t forget your allergy medicine), and make the most of this spring day!


Stephanie Grant is a beer journalist, content writer, storyteller, and content creator based in Atlanta (NEVER call it Hotlanta, please). You can find her writing in Good Beer Hunting, Atlanta Magazine,, The New Brewer, and across the interwebs. She was one of four recipients of the North American Guild of Beer Writers 2020 Diversity in Beer Writing Grant and recognized in Imbibe Magazine’s 75 People to Watch in 2021. You can also hear her interview people on Good Beer Hunting’s podcast.

Stephanie Grant, contributor to the Allagash Blog

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