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Sebago Lake on the water

As brewers, we have an intimate connection with water. We’re lucky to receive our water from nearby Sebago Lake, one of only fifty surface water supplies in America that is so clean it doesn’t even need to be filtered. We rely on the quality of our water source, since it directly affects the quality of our beer. More importantly, water impacts our community, and our health.

We believe access to clean water is a right, and we want to help preserve it for generations to come. How we’re doing that is through partnerships with local and national organizations.

Locally, we support Sebago Clean Waters. Sebago Lake provides clean drinking water to 200,000+ people, or nearly one out of every six Mainers. Sebago Clean Waters is a collaborative involving organizations from Maine and away with the aim of protecting the Sebago Lake watershed through voluntary forestland conservation. The land around Sebago  filters much of the water that makes its way into the lake.

In addition, we were one of the founding members of the Maine Brewshed Alliance. The Maine Brewshed Alliance is a coalition of brewers and the Natural Resources Council of Maine committed to protecting the waterways that make our state a great place to live, work, and brew beer. The Maine Brewshed Alliance was formed to help educate consumers about the importance of Maine’s waters and to support policies and programs that keep Maine’s water clean.

Sampling Sebago Lake

A member of the Portland Water District grabs a sample from Sebago Lake.

In addition to these two, you might have seen that we signed onto a letter opposing the EPA’s proposed weakening of our nation’s clean water regulations. The new rules would roll back regulations on groundwater quality, which could negatively impact the quality of water sources nationwide.

If you’d like to help us preserve and protect the quality of Maine’s water, we invite you to get involved with one or both of these great organizations. We can’t do it alone.

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