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Curieux Doughnuts

It’s obligatory to show the finished product first.

This summer, two of the fine chefs—Chef Justin and Chef Powder—from Earth at Hidden Pond developed a crazy-tasty recipe for Curieux Doughnuts. Since we’re big fans of enjoying Curieux in its liquid form, we were understandably excited to try it in doughnut form.  

While we could use a bunch of typed words to elaborate their taste, we’d rather show you some lip-smacking pictures. Also note, at the bottom of the page you’ll find the complete recipe for these bourbon barrel-aged beauties.


Don’t worry, the recipe only calls for 1 ¾ cup of Curieux, so there’s still a good amount left for sipping.

Chef Powder cuts out each of the donuts. Especially at this point, the dough gives off a good whiff of Curieux aroma.

The doughnuts are fried on three sides for an extra-crispy outer layer. Don’t you worry about the inside—pillowy, warm, light—no, don’t you worry at all.

*Hunger intensifies*

A simple glaze rounds out the doughnut’s subtly complex flavor. If you’re hankering for a bite of one of these tasty treats (as we suspect you might be), the recipe is below. Happy cooking/sipping!

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