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Pan-Roasted Chicken with Harissa Chickpeas

Allagash Hoppy Table and Harissa Chicken

It was late on a weeknight that we were looking for recipes that would pair with Hoppy Table Beer. As luck would have it, we stumbled across this Bon Appetit recipe for Harissa Chicken with Chickpeas. We ended up cooking it on a Tuesday night with delicious results.

The glorious chicken you see before you was prepared using a slightly modified version of the Bon Appetit recipe. The biggest differences were that we used an entire chicken—which we removed the backbone of and then halved. We also rubbed/marinated the chicken with harissa the night before, and used dried chickpeas.

Allagash Hoppy Table and Harissa Chicken closeup

The full recipe for this beautiful chicken dish can be found here:

Also, if you prefer not to use store-bought harissa, here’s an excellent recipe for that as well:

Happy cooking (and sipping)!

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