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Stuffed Peppers Recipe

This stuffed pepper recipe has been a huge hit every time we’ve made it. Big shout out to our very own brewer and chef, Sean, for creating this delicious dish.

Ranchero-style Sauce

  • Tomato – 1 pound
  • Onion – 8 ounces
  • Hot Peppers – 1 pound
  • Garlic – 4 ounces
  • Cilantro – ½ a bunch

Cut tomato, onion, hot peppers, and garlic in half and place on a sheet tray covered with foil.

Broil in oven while flipping ingredients as necessary to char all sides.

Purée charred vegetables with fresh cilantro.

Sear liquid in a hot pan coated with a thin layer of smoking oil or lard.

Reduce sauce slightly until no longer watery.

Stuffed Peppers

  • Peppers, hot & sweet – 7-10 medium sized or 12-18 small
  • Jack cheese – 8 ounces
  • Ground pork – 8 ounces
  • Onion – 4 ounces
  • Bacon, thick sliced – 1 pound

Pre-heat oven to 375°.

Sauté chopped onion with ground pork until browned.

Transfer pork to bowl and mix with shredded jack cheese.

Cut peppers in half and remove seeds and veins.

Stuff pepper halves with pork mixture and wrap halves in bacon.

Bake the wrapped pepper halves on a sheet pan, stuffing-side up until bacon is crispy.

Ladle ample amount of sauce onto serving platter, place peppers on top and cover with fermented hot sauce.

Enjoy with Allagash Hoppy Table Beer.

Downloadable recipe card:

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