Astrological Sign?
What do you do at Allagash?
Coordinator for events, resident crafts person, professional tablescaper
What do you do outside of Allagash?
Drink delicious beer, hang outdoors as much as possible, run, eat.
Where did you come from?
Bethel, home of the worlds largest snowman
Fondest Allagash memory?
Successfully pulling off a 2000 person street fair
Mayer the feisty jack russell/dachshund mix and Roo the friendliest goldendoodle in the world
Do you have a nickname?
Cheese dog
Anything else you want to add?
“He was a wise man he who invented beer” Plato
Who will play me in the Allagash movie?
I’ll play myself when my acting career really takes off .. That or Amy Poehler