Astrological Sign?
What do you do at Allagash?
Drive the truck, box reserve, stack things really high, nail the retail order, tidy up, make coffee, make rice
What do you do outside of Allagash?
Music, mostly, but also pretend to be a chef, get outdoors in one way or another, go for random car rides, walk my dog, get herded by my dog, read, do little projects involving drills, lethal voltages and loud guitar, take my time, and, of course, drink tasty beer
Where did you come from?
The 1st exit of I-95: Houlton, Maine, for Chapter 1, a few hours south for college, then California, Colorado, Wisconsin, and now Portland
Fondest Allagash memory?
It took me 2 months to determine that this question is impossible
Jack (“Jackarl” to some, neighborhood watch to others)
Do you have a nickname?
Just one? No.
Anything else you want to add?
A 53rd week
Who will play me in the Allagash movie?
Lloyd Christmas