Astrological Sign?
What do you do at Allagash?
Packaging operator
What do you do outside of Allagash?
Playing, watching, listening and reading basketball, teaching scuba diving, traveling around the world with my “Mainer” wife whom I met while traveling in SouthEast Asia
Where did you come from?
I was born and raised in Turkey and I also lived and traveled in SouthEast Asia for nearly a decade.
Fondest Allagash memory?
Since my job interview and day one, everybody is genuinely super friendly and helpful.  It’s very impressive!!  And how every single person knows my name and pronounces it very well??!!
I have a cat all the way from Thailand who traveled with me and my wife all around the world. Her name is Bunny a.k.a. BunBun.
Do you have a nickname?
My best friends call me “Spider” but don’t even ask why, it’s a long story
Anything else you want to add?
After spending about 20 years as a scuba diving instructor, it was a big change and adjustment for me to work in a new field like the brewing business. But the Allagash family gave me a chance and welcomed me in the warmest way possible. There is a very unique and great culture here and I am honored to be part of it.  I am wondering if I can scuba dive into beer tanks and drink it from inside…?
Who will play you in the Allagash movie?
Tom Hardy