Nick T

Astrological Sign?
Pisces. Which apparently means I’m the “feeling type.” I got emotional just writing that.
What do you do at Allagash?
Give tours/avoid Branch at all costs.
What do you do outside of Allagash?
I’m not sure. I haven’t left the brewery since I got here a couple months ago.
Where did you come from?
Parkview Hospital. 7lbs 12 oz. 19.5 in. Beautiful baby boy.
Fondest Allagash memory?

(Hopefully) earning Billy’s respect by belting “Only the Good Die Young” on the Harvest Celebration bus.
French Bulldog named Gimli. He has a tough time breathing which is oddly cute…?
Do you have a nickname?
Toole. Toolbox. Tool shed. High school was tough (my last name is Toole).
Anything else you want to add?
I have really dramatic hitchhiker’s thumbs.
Who will play you in the Allagash movie?
A young Tommy Lee Jones.