Rob (The Heat)

Astrological Sign?
The Buckeye
What do you do at Allagash?
As many things as they will let me do…but mostly I can be found over by the bottling line.
What do you do outside of Allagash?
I spend a good amount of time at the bowling alley with my friends Walter and Donny.
Where did you come from?
A place that’s round on the ends and high in the middle.
Fondest Allagash memory?
That sounds redundant. That’s like asking me what my favorite slice of Otto’s pizza is…although if I had to pick I’d probably say mashed potato.
A black lab/greyhound mix called Nico…and she has a pet skunk that she likes to call Skunky Brewster.
Do you have a nickname?
Heat, His Heatness, Heater, or El Heaterino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Also, The Heatmeister, The Heatinator, Heat-o-rama, and Caliente. (ed.note: we sometimes call him “Greg from behind”, because he looks like….)
Anything else you want to add?
A bocce ball court!
Who will play me in the Allagash movie?
Will Oldham