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Celebrating Sustainability at Allagash

Allagash tasting tray

Earth Month is officially here. To kick off Spring Greening—our brewery’s springtime spotlight on sustainability—we invited just under twenty like-minded organizations to the brewery.

Every organization had their own space for brewery visitors to stop by and chat. The goal was to bring together a cross-section of all the sustainability efforts going on right here in Portland. With around seventeen beers on tap at the brewery to enjoy, variety was in good supply. We personally loved hearing all the latest updates from friends like, Maine Farmland Trust, EcoMaine, Portland Trails, Marine Mammals of Maine, Ruth’s Reusable Resources, and Sebago Clean Waters to name a few.

Sustainability festival

If you didn’t make it out for the kickoff, you’re still in luck. We’re holding various sustainability-focused events throughout April. Here’s a quick rundown of all the events you can look forward to.

April 4th – Local Cheese Pairing (Sold Out)

We’re all about buying local. And when it comes to pairings, there are few better than cheese and beer. Come out to this Thursday Thing for a guided tasting tour through a curated selection of local cheese and Allagash beer pairings. Tickets $12 per person

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April 7th – Audubon Bird Walk

We’re teaming up with Maine Audubon for a bird walk near the brewery. The idea is this: meet at the brewery, go out for some birding on our nearby Portland Trails system, and come back to chat about what we saw.

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April 11th – Facing the Faucet

Come out to learn how the changing climate will impact our lakes, our city, our gulf, and our way of life. You can sip on a beer as you listen to our three expert panelists talk about the state of Maine’s waters.

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April 18th – Green Bingo

Like bingo? Good. Like sustainability? Even better! Come out for some bingo with sustainability-themed prizes. As always, this will be hosted by our caller extraordinaire Danger Dan! Plenty of Allagash beer on tap to enjoy as you vie for bingo glory.

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April 19th – Portland Trails Fundraiser @ Flatbread Portland

Beer, pizza, charity. It’s the trifecta of good times. For the entire day, every Allagash beer poured at Flatbread Portland will raise $2 for Portland Trails. Come out and enjoy some fresh beer and delicious pizza for a great cause.

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April 25th – Herb Box Build

We’ll be hosting an Herb Box Build with Garbage to Garden, Maine Foodscapes, and Bumbleroot Organic Farm. We’ll provide supplies, herbs, and know-how—you can enjoy some fresh Allagash beer while you participate.

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We hope you can make it out!

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