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Allagash & Dupont Collaboration Saison

Allagash and Dupont Collab brew day

A collaboration saison from Allagash and Brasserie Dupont.

We’re excited, so we’re just going to say it: we just brewed a collaboration saison with Brasserie Dupont.

For years, we’ve brewed a wide range of saison-style beers. It’s a varied style that leaves a lot of room for interpretation: they can be lighter, darker, fruity, tart, or simply dry and refreshing. The guidelines, when it comes to the saison style, are few. However, there is one fact that almost any saison fan will tell you: the undisputed hallmark of the style is made by Brasserie Dupont in Belgium. Saison Dupont is the beer that nailed it, inspiring a generation of American brewers to dive into the style. So you can understand how excited we, as saison enthusiasts, are to be collaborating with Brasserie Dupont.

Rob, our founder, and Jason, our brewmaster, spent a day with Olivier, a fourth generation brewmaster, and the current captain behind the helm of Brasserie Dupont. You can actually check out our Instagram stories of the brew day right here. Dupont has been brewing saison-style beers since 1844. Back then, saisons were often brewed by farmers during the winter months (when there was less actual farming to do). By the time spring came around, the beer would be ready, and would help to slake the farmers’ thirst after long hot days.

Our collaboration with Brasserie Dupont will be brewed with Belgium’s famous Saison Dupont yeast. Cascade hops will give it a distinctly American flavor, adding vibrant notes of lemon and tart grapefruit. Smooth and refreshing, it will have a full body defined by flavors of brioche and peppery spice, and will finish with a delicate hint of white pepper.

This beer will be available in the Spring of 2019.

Below, we’ve compiled a gallery of photos from our brew day. We’ll have more specific release details closer to release. Just keep an eye on our social media, and newsletter, for more information!

Dupont and Allagash brewmasters discuss collaboration saison

Rob, our founder, and Jason, our brewmaster, chat with Olivier, Brasserie Dupont’s brewmaster—while the Dupont brewing equipment gets to work.

Brasserie Dupont brewing vessels

These copper brewing vessels at Brasserie Dupont date back to 1920.

A look into the room where Brasserie Dupont bottle conditions their beer.

A look at the Brasserie Dupont cheese cellar. A brewery making their own cheese? Definitely an interesting idea…

It wouldn’t be a collaboration day without a little mid-brew refreshment. There’s little better than Saison Dupont fresh from the source.

Refreshed and back in action, Jason checks on the brew.

Jason weighs out some Cascade hops that we shipped over from our grower: Segal Ranch in Grandview, WA.

Rob gathers some of the famous Saison Dupont yeast to pitch into our collaboration—the final step.

A celebratory meal at Taverne St. Gery, within walking distance from Brasserie Dupont.

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