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Belgian Farmhouse-Style Ale

Allagash Saison is our interpretation of a classic Belgian farmhouse-style ale. Saisons were once brewed to slake the thirst of farmers returning from a long day of toil; they were spicy, light, and drinkable.

We brew this amber beer with a 2-row barley blend, malted rye, and oats. Northern Brewer, Bravo, and Cascade hops deliver a citrus profile with light bitterness. By fermenting with a traditional saison yeast strain, notes of spice and tropical fruit accent the aroma. Citrus and peppery spice balance its pleasant malt character. This beer is full bodied with a rustic, dry finish. Made for enjoying, no matter which type of work you’re returning from.

6.1% ABV


Grains: Carapils, Vienna, Red Wheat, Pilsner

Hops: Nugget, Aramis, Santiam

Yeast: French Ale

Ideal Within: 6 Months


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12 oz. cans