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Allagash Cider

Brewery-Only Cider

Put simply, this cider is dry, balanced, and comes in at an incredibly sippable 7.1% ABV. Put less simply, the juice of the pressed, local apples were co-fermented with a Pét-nat yeast strain. Complicated? Yes. Easy to drink? Also yes.

7.1% ABV


Ingredients: Apple Varietals: Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, Cortland, Bramley’s Seedling, Chisel Jersey, Golden Russet, Gold Rush, Nod Head, Northern Spy, Frostbite, Roxbury Russet, Calville Blanc, Liberty, Smokehouse, Orleans, Gold Rush

Yeast: Pét-nat

Spices/Other: Partially aged in Cognac barrels

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Wondering about gluten?

If you’re want more information about the potential for gluten in this cider, we have a more robust explanation for you through the link below.

Cider Gluten Information
Lobster rolls available in the Allagash tasting room from Bite Into Maine

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