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The Grand Season

Dark Belgian-Style Ale

Celebrations, conversations, revelry commence! Enjoy this gift of a big, Belgian-style holiday ale, filled with festive notes of caramel, toffee, and mulling spices. Brewed in the tradition of dark and robust Belgian holiday ales, Grand Season is a shareable, savorable sip of good cheer.

10% ABV


Grains: 2-row Malted Barley Blend, Maine Malt House Mapleton Malt, Blue Ox Pale Malt, Munich, Special B, Rice Hulls, Midnight Wheat

Hops: Nugget, Saaz

Spices/Other: Brown Sugar, Sweet Orange Peel, Fresh Ginger, Ceylon Cinnamon

Yeast: House Yeast, Champagne Yeast

Ideal Within: 1 year

Available Formats

Two ways to enjoy

750 mL bottle
1.5 L bottle