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Golden Ale

This award-winning celebration of a classic Belgian beer style is filled with notes of passion fruit and honey. Its simple recipe yields a full range of elegant flavor and finishes refreshingly dry. Its golden, crisp, and refined profile pulls from a tradition that began centuries ago in Belgian Abbeys.

9% ABV


Grains: Allagash 2-Row Malted Barley Blend, Local Pale Malt

Hops: Nugget, Hallertau

Yeast: House

Ideal Within: One Year

Suggested Pour Size: 12 oz. Chalice

A Golden Ale with Medals to Show

x 5


2023 : Great American Beer Festival
2022 : World Beer Cup
2016 : Great American Beer Festival
2014 : European Beer Star
2006 : Great American Beer Festival
x 6


2024 : World Beer Cup
2021 : Great American Beer Festival
2015 : Great American Beer Festival
2009 : Great American Beer Festival
2008 : World Beer Cup
2002 : World Beer Cup

Tripel For You

Three ways to enjoy Allagash Tripel

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What exactly does the reference to "three" in Tripel refer to? It's both more, and less, complicated than you might think.

What does Tripel Mean?

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Since 2019, we've been a Certified B Corp brewery, striving to brew for the good of our employees, community, and environment.

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The Allagash Team gathering together in 2023.

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