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From Maine With Love #30

French-Style Wild Saison

French farmers traditionally brewed beer with a melange of grain, including barley, spelt, and rye, and stored it until spring, during which time the influence of local wild yeast lends gently sweet flavors to the toasty, spicy, amber brew. Our spin on this style—a bière de printemps—adds French hops and Maine wild yeast for a transcontinental beer that’s also rustic, bucolic, and eminently drinkable, featuring notes of strawberry, honey, and black tea.

7.4% ABV


Grain: 2-Row, Maine Malthouse Mapleton Pale, Maine Grains Spelt Berries, Carapils, Cara 45, Goldpils Vienna, Maine Malthouse Flaked Rye, Maine Grains Flaked Spelt, Dingemans Aromatic

Hops: Strisselspalt, Aramis, French Fuggle, Barbe Rouge

Yeast: Baron, House Brett

Availability: Brewery Only

Package Size: 12 oz. Can

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Only available at the brewery

12 oz. cans