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Here at Allagash, we try to do things responsibly, for the environment and for our local community. Here's a few things we do to help minimize our impact and help out.

  • Allagash purchases renewable energy credits from the Steel Winds II wind farm in Lackawanna, NY to offset the electricity use and resulting emissions of brewery operations.

    In 2012, Allagash offset 92% of it's electricity use with renewable energy credits from First Wind's Lackawanna, NY wind farm, and the remaining 8% from other wind farms located around the country. For more information about the Steel Winds project, visit this website.

  • With help from our friends at, we are able to have a great composting program!

  • As of March 2013, Allagash generates over 57 tons of spent (or used) grain a week. We give this grain to a local farmer who then takes it to use as cattle feed. Although most of the sugar is gone from the grain (that is what we need for brewing) there is still lots of protein, fiber and carbohydrates that the cows need. This also helps reduce the farmer's feed costs.

  • Another by-product of brewing is used yeast. Rather than dump it to the drain, we harvest it and pay a local farmer to take it. He then uses it for land applied fertilizer for his fields and feed for his cattle.

  • Anything that does go "down the drain" gets sideeamed into a holding tank, where we can monitor and adjust all process liquids to be within city of Portland specs. Our self monitoring puts less strain on the Portland Water District to maintain our great quality water.

  • In 2008 we purchased a bailer so that we could recycle cardboard and plastic. In 2012, we recycled over 50,000 lbs of cardboard and over 11,000 lbs of LDPE plastic.

  • We use a "Zero Sort" recycling container that collects the remaining recyclable materials generated through the production and packaging of beer. In 2012 we recycled over 25 tons of glass, paper and plastic.

  • We are constantly striving to reduce our water usage. Making changes to our process, cleaning regimens and general mindfulness, have put our gallons of water used per gallon of beer produced, well below the national average.

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