From our beginning as a one-person operation in 1995, Allagash has been focused on being an environmentally and socially responsible member of the community.  This caring spirit is written into our core values as a company. Allagash has put in place a comprehensive sustainability initiative, with a focus on reducing waste and using less water and power, while engaging our organization in everything we do. We are honored that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection recognized Allagash for these efforts with the 2014 Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence.


Some of the accomplishments that make us most proud include:

  • We work very hard to minimize how much waste we send to the landfill.  Over the course of 2014, 99.75% of all the waste produced at the brewery was diverted from the landfill including spent grain and yeast.  Excluding spent grain and yeast, we diverted 93.19% — that’s a 9.6 point increase over prior year. This equates to over 4.3 million pounds of waste diverted.  
  • We pay close attention to how we use all of our water.  That means everything from installing water-free urinals and flow restrictors on every faucet in the building, to investing in wastewater treatment tank enabling us to self-regulate our own effluent without adding extra water and reusing water from the interior bottle rinser on the bottling line. The chilling process inadvertently creates hot water, which we recollect to reduce the amount of hot water we need to create. Our keg line has a closed loop CIP system, allowing us to reduce water used to clean kegs before filling.  In 2014, we used 3.27 barrels of water per barrel produced of beer, a 20% decrease versus prior year.
  • Because brewing and packaging beer is an energy intensive process, we work to use only the energy we need, when we need it.  For example, we installed smart air compressors that deliver exactly what’s needed with less waste than traditional compressors.    In 2014, we used 23.32 kwH/barrel packaged beer, a 20% increase over prior year.
  • We bring sustainable thinking into everything we do.  No aspect of our work is too big or too small to be included.  
    • Develop easy-to-follow processes for holding zero waste “green meetings.”
    • House bees on site to promote a healthy environment.
    • Embrace a sustainable purchasing policy  to guide the buying of  “anything” internally.
    • All of the merchandise we sell in our retail store is either made in the US, organic, or made from recycled/reclaimed materials.  Even our displays and bar are made from recycled materials.
    • Performed a comprehensive waste audit and shared the learnings with the entire company, along with follow-ups on how we can improve.  
    • Clear signage around brewery explaining to visitors and employees how to compost or recycle most waste.
    • Training for our field sales team on how to minimize or eliminate waste at the festivals and events where they share Allagash beers.  
    • We donate proceeds from some of our beers to sustainability focused non-profits including MOFGA, and Portland Trails.