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Coolship Bardus

Spontaneously Fermented Ale

In one of our very first trials with bottling spontaneously fermented beer back in 2010, we blended Coolship beer aged on cherries with a bit of Coolship beer from our very first batch. Aiming for a slow, deliberate refermentation, we let it sit. And sit. Until the beer was almost lost to time. In 2019, we remembered, and pulled it back out to taste: delicious and still. Coolship Bardus presents complex notes of cherry, apricot, and light funk. As a “lazy beer”—which is what some Belgian Lambic brewers call a beer that is slow to referment—Coolship Bardus is lightly carbonated, at most. Enjoy this taste of Allagash history, today.

6.4% ABV


Grains: Pilsner Malt, Raw Wheat

Hops: Aged Whole Leaf Hops

Yeast: Wild/Spontaneous

Spices/Others: Montmorency and Balaton Cherries

Ideal Within: Four Years

Suggested Pour Size: 12 oz. Chalice

Beer Here

One Bottle for All Occasions

375 mL bottle

What's a Coolship?

Using a centuries-old Belgian brewing tradition, we're able to achieve a complex, and delicious, style of beer with the help of wild yeast floating in the Maine air.

How We Brew Coolship Beer

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The Allagash Team gathering together in 2023.