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Maine is home to more beaches than we can count. Luckily, we don’t have to stray far from Portland, Maine to find one of our favorites: East End Beach. It’s accessible, it has picturesque views of Casco Bay, and we happen to sponsor it to keep it clean and pristine.

Why we love it

First, it’s practically downtown. Portland, as a city, has this way of changing rapidly as you traverse. One moment you’re walking on cobblestones, the next you’re on rolling green-grass hills, and then you’re on a smooth beach, overlooking the islands of Casco Bay. It’s around a fifteen-minute walk away from the center of Portland. 

It’s dog-friendly (at certain times) and also an excellent spot to cast off for paddleboarding, kayaking, or just taking a swim. Add to that a little food truck hub just up the street, and you have everything you need in a beach, minutes from downtown.

It’s also a beach that we’ve “adopted” through the Blue Ocean Society, a non-profit based in Hampton, NH. The goal of the Blue Ocean Society’s Adopt-a-Beach program is to remove debris from the coast before it can harm wildlife, and to study trends in marine pollution.  Through the program, we’ve committed to monthly beach clean-ups, where we clean up and catalog all the waste we find.

A crew from Allagash cleans up the east end beach.
weighing trash that the Allagash team picked up during a cleanup of East End Beach

What it’s perfect for

  • Taking the pup out to meet some doggy friends
  • Casting off with a canoe or paddleboard
  • Sitting, watching boats at mooring, and relaxing
  • A quick beach trip, rather than a whole day excursion

For more on the rules around kayaking, dogs, and hours, you can head to the beach’s official website

And once you’re done, or before you head over, we recommend taking a jaunt out to our tasting room for some beer and bites. For our hours, what’s on tap, and how to get to us, just hit that button below.

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