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Those of us with kids, both the young and not-so-young kind, are always looking for things to do that are enjoyable for kids and parents alike. And if you’re visiting a new city, the crossover of kid- and adult-friendly activities are not always clear.

So, thanks to the input from kid-having members of our brewery, we wanted to list some of our favorite spots, in and around Portland, to visit with kids in tow.

Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine


From climbing structures to water playspaces to interactive exhibits, this is the sort of place that will bring out the kid in kids and adults. Just a quick drive outside of the city proper, there’s plenty of parking and it’s a quick drive back to downtown, or you can pop by Bissell Brothers for a tasty craft beer, which is literally next door.

Thompson’s Point Summer Sunsets


Why leave the area, if you’re having fun? Thompson’s Point is home to concert series and events of all sorts. But for the kids and adults, we have to recommend their Summer Sunsets series. On many Fridays throughout the summer, they’ll have music, food trucks, and beers on tap—with free entry to their wide-open space. It’s an excellent way to wind down the way and hear some live music while you’re at it.

Eastern Promenade


This is one of those places that serves as the perfect reminder for why we live in Portland. A rolling green hill, playground, and mind-boggling view of boats floating through the bay and the Maine coastline stretching off into the horizon. A number of food trucks post up at the base of the hill, and there’s always space to stretch out a blanket on the grass.

Peaks Island


It is a matter of debate which is more fun: the ferry ride to Peaks Island, or Peaks Island itself. Regardless, both are an excellent time if you’re looking to view Portland from the port-side, with gorgeous views of the city with a little seabreeze in your hair. On the island itself, you’ll find food, a substantial-yet-accessible bike ride around the island, and enough local flair to make you feel like you’ve gone a lot farther than a thirty-minute ferry ride.

Allagash Brewery Tasting Room


We take pride in the memorable experience we have to offer for 21+ patrons and their less-than-21+ group members. We’ve got a large range of crowd-pleasing beers for any of-age folks, plus some of the best lobster rolls in our state, whipped up by Bite Into Maine. We have snacks, seltzer, cornhole and tic tac toe, to name a few of the highlights. Oh, and we’re nice folks. Ask us if you need anything!

And that’s what we’ve got. Sure, these aren’t all of the places you can bring your kids on a Portland vacation, but we certainly think they’re some of the best. Hope to see you soon!

Lobster rolls available in the Allagash tasting room from Bite Into Maine

Come Enjoy Some Fresh Beer House-Made Wine Dry Cider Awarded Lobster Rolls Good Vibes

If you're in Portland, treat yourself to a stop at our brewery tasting room

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