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Hop Water

Sparkling Citrus Hop Water

By brewing with sweet orange peel and hops—then carbonating—you get this bubbly refresher filled with citrus spritz and light hop flavor. Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero alcohol. All refreshingly citrusy deliciousness. H*ck yeah, water!

0.0% ABV


Hops: Crystal, Citra

Special Ingredients/Process: Orange Peel, Coriander, Citric Acid

Ideal Within: Six Months

ABV: 0.0%

Cans of Refreshment

12 oz. cans

Behind the Hops

In this episode of our brewery podcast—From Maine, With Love—you’ll hear from Zach and Matthew of our Quality team, who were behind the creation of this extremely tasty new sparkling citrus hop water. Give it a listen!

Proud to B

Since 2019, we've been a Certified B Corp brewery, striving to brew for the good of our employees, community, and environment.

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The Allagash Team gathering together in 2023.

Pilot Teamwork

When it comes to innovating new beer, we rely on every single person that works at Allagash. Doesn’t matter if they’ve been at the company for ten days or ten years. That’s how our pilot system works: anyone at our brewery with an idea can potentially create the next big Allagash beer.

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brewing on the pilot system