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Allagash Little Grove and Little Leaf Lettuce

Beer Pairing – Little Grove and Soy Peach Glazed Salmon with Ginger Sesame Dressing

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The pairing of salad and beer is not a conventional one. But we’re here to report that, done right, it is indeed a delicious one. Below, you’ll find the recipe that we’ve been pairing with our Little Grove beers. They’re what we call sparkling fruited ales, and are brewed to be light, balanced, and refreshing (and only 100 calories per can). Read More

Outdoor Movie Night 101: Everything you need to know to host the most epic outdoor movie night

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This guest post was put together by our excellent friend Jenn Bravo

Our favorite experiences during the Maine summers usually involve friends, Allagash White on draft, and golden hour. Now that we have two kids, we’ve found it a bit harder to make it out to those roof-top happy hours. But that doesn’t mean we can’t kick back with our friends and kids to enjoy the summer evenings together. Cue the outdoor movie night, a regular summer Sunday tradition that literally everyone looks forward to. Read More

Wood-fired grill

Grilling Tips from Allagash Brewing Co. and Noble Barbecue

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Given the love around our brewery for a good sizzling grill, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips. We also enlisted the help of our friends at Noble Barbecue, who know more than a thing or two about lighting up a grill. Below, you’ll find grilling tips sourced from us at Allagash as well as Noble Barbecue Co-owner Ryan Carey. Read More

Gingerbread loaf with Allagash Curieux

Gingerbread with Orange-Scented Whipped Cream

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For the holidays, our good friend Jennifer (@JennifahBravo) created a gingerbread loaf recipe to pair with Curieux—our bourbon barrel-aged Belgian-style golden ale. Curieux’s aromas and notes of vanilla, coconut, and bourbon are a perfect accompaniment to the deep, rich molasses flavor of the gingerbread. The zesty orange-scented whipped cream really brings it to the next level. Highly recommended for your next holiday get-together. Read More

Sean’s Maine Lobster Boil: How to

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Allagash Lobster Boil
Want to hold a lobster boil that would make a true Mainah proud? Luckily, you don’t need to be thigh-deep in a snowbank on the rocky coast to pull off a Maine-style feast. Our favorite brewer/cook Sean prepared a truly memorable lobster boil with only a large pot and normal-sized grill. As we found, with some pretty minimal prep and the right ingredients, you can boil crustaceans and corn with the best of them.

Here’s what you’ll need for a meal that serves two (hungry people):

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Maine Lobster Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe

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lobster mac n cheese
Our friends over at Maine Lobster came to us with a delicious recipe for Maine lobster Mac ‘n’ cheese. Naturally, our first inclination was to test it out with a cold bottle of Allagash White. Our resident chef/senior brewer, Sean Ellsworth, whipped up this recipe and it turned out to be just as delicious as it looks on paper (or screen). Plus, we were happy to discover that White’s notes citrus and spice complemented the savory creaminess of the cheese and subtle, briny flavor of the lobster.
You can find the recipe below.

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The Ultimate Whoopie Pie

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Allagash Whoopie pies
What we have here is a whoopie pie recipe that’s been passed down for generations. Only after obtaining the consent of her Great Aunt was Charli—our event coordinator extraordinaire—able to divulge this delicious recipe for “Black Moon” whoopie pies to the world. And we can say from personal (tasty, tasty) experience that these are serious pies: flavorful, moist, and powerfully chocolate-y in just the right ways.

Read More

Allagash Trifle with Interlude Sabayon and Black Ginger Cake

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Recently, we had an amazing beer dinner with our friends at Simon Pearce—turns out they’re just as masterful cooks as they are glassblowers. In fact, we had such a memorable time that we couldn’t help but ask them to create a recipe with our beer. The beer was Interlude, a tart, vinous beer that’s fermented with a blend of yeasts then aged in red wine barrels.

They came back with one better: a trifle that uses our Interlude in the sabayon—a light custard made from sugar, egg yolks and, traditionally, wine—and Allagash Black in their ginger cake. The short version: it blew our minds.

The recipe for this incredible dish is below.

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Curieux Doughnuts

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It’s obligatory to show the finished product first.

This summer, two of the fine chefs—Chef Justin and Chef Powder—from Earth at Hidden Pond developed a crazy-tasty recipe for Curieux Doughnuts. Since we’re big fans of enjoying Curieux in its liquid form, we were understandably excited to try it in doughnut form.  

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Sean’s Mixed Fruit Pie

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We found that fruit pies pair particularly well with Curieux, our bourbon barrel-aged ale. So we solicited Sean Ellsworth, a native Mainer, graduate of Johnson & Wales culinary school, lover of rhubarb, and brewer here at Allagash to give a lesson in pie making. We hope you enjoy his recipe as much as we did!



The first step to making a pie is creating the dough. This is much easier than you may initially think, and while you can certainly use store-bought dough, it just tastes, and feels, better knowing you made it yourself.

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