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Meet the Brewer

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Allagash Brewmaster Jason Perkins will be stopping by Clem’s Tap House for a memorable evening. Along with some fine conversation and a heck ton of beer know-how, Jason will be bringing 10 beers with him.
Some of the limited offerings we’ll have on tap that night are:
Pilsner with Brettanomyces
Saison Gratis
St. Klippenstein
and more…
See you there!


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This established beer festival that is now in it’s 21st  year. Featuring more than 200 beers, this is one big and excellent charity fundraiser.

Allagash will be there pouring some of our favorites: White, Curieux, and Hoppy Table Beer. Stop by, say hi, and enjoy some Belgian-style beer.

Beer & Cheese

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Beer and cheese is an oft-overlooked pairing. The range of flavor-profiles in the brewer’s toolkit always makes for surprising and delicious combinations in our experience. This beer and cheese tasting will feature some new and unique Allagash beers including:
Pilsner with Brettanomyces, Saison Gratis, Pick Your Own, White, and more.
Come out to The Wine Source and expand your palate with some truly special beer and cheese pairings.

Allagash and Oysters

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Come out for buck-a-shuck oysters and some of the freshest Belgian-style beer around. We’re bringing out a big list of wild and sour beers from the brewery like James and Julie, Mattina Rossa, and Nancy. And of course, we’ll have classic beer and oyster pairing favorites like Tripel, Allagash White. Bring your appetite.

12 oz. beer in a cooler

Upcoming Beer Release – Two Lights

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The sunny weather brings out opinions in people. Summer drinks of choice can range from a cool lager to a bubbly wine spritzer. One Allagashian decided that she was tired of choosing and so submitted this idea to our pilot system: a beer brewed with both lager and champagne yeast. To top it off, she added the must—unfermented juice—of sauvignon blanc grapes.

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Allagash Street Fair 2018

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Ticket sales are now open for the 2018 Allagash Brewing Company Street Fair!

The Street Fair will be filled with music, food, beer, performances, and fun events. To make sure everyone has a great time, we cap ticket sales at 2,200, so we recommend you get your tickets early, as we’ve sold out before the event the past three years. If we still have tickets available by the time of the fair, you will be able to purchase tickets at the gate. For more info please visit the street fair web page.

The breweries coming out for the fair include:





Tickets for Entrants Aged 21+:  $20.00
Tickets for Entrants Aged 13-20: $10.00
Tickets for Entrants Aged 12 and under: Free

Street Fair Pre-Party

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Allagash returns to the Bear for another raucous pre-Street Fair extravaganza. You can expect many, many Allagash Beers on draft. We’ll also be giving away 3 pairs of free tickets to the Street Fair.
As an added bonus, Hoppy Table Beer will be on special all day for $2.99.
Good times? Good times.
empty allagash brewing company bottles

Brewing Better Beer – Oxygen, the Enemy of Beer

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Any time that a beer is transferred from one vessel to another, it has the possibility of picking up oxygen. If done well, that amount can be infinitesimal. If it’s not done well, a whole heck ton of oxygen can get in. Before beer is sealed into a can, bottle, or keg, the total amount of oxygen the beer has picked up is called DO (Dissolved Oxygen). Whether or not there is any DO in the beer before packaging depends on how the beer was made: was it aged in barrels? Was it transferred through multiple containers? Did something go wrong? Read More

blank bottles on the allagash bottling line

Brewing Better Beer – The Art of Packaging

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The goal of packaging beer is this: get the freshest possible beer to a beer drinker. While it may sound rudimentary, it’s something our team works tirelessly to improve.

If our quality control measures on our packaging line were an iceberg, the following list would be the top of the tip. Rather than list every single thing, we’ve pulled out some of the more visual ways our team makes sure that beer moves faultlessly from our tanks to a package to your hand to your stomach. Read More

Coolship Night

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Allagash Brewing Co. founder Rob Tod will be at this event! We’ll be featuring four special beers on draft, one of which will be Coolship Red, a super-rare Allagash offering. You can grab these four as a flight with Charcuterie & Cheese pairing board. Individual beers will be available to purchase too. Come on out and enjoy some very limited beers in the company of the man who started it all!

Fermentors in a row at Allagash brewing company

Brewing Better Beer – Fine-Tuning Fermentation

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“Fermentation and civilization are inseparable.”

John Ciardi

Yeast is the reason we’re here right now. The reason why you’re reading this, the reason why we wrote this post (or wrote anything about Allagash at all). Fermentation is a yeast cell’s goal in life. Valiantly turning sugar into alcohol, carbonation, and tasty esters. What we’re going to talk about here is how we handle fermentation at the brewery, and how we coerce these wonderfully hungry organisms into making consistent, delicious beer.

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Allagash Fifth tap beer

What’s Pouring on the Fifth Tap?

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Here at Allagash we have ideas for beers. Lots of ideas. More beer ideas, in fact, than we could ever package and release. Meaning, there’s a solid list of potential Allagash beers that nobody outside of Allagash has tasted. Not anymore. The Fifth Tap Series is here to bring more small-batch, innovative beers to Allagash fans. Read More

Saison Day at Off Color Brewing

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Our fifth annual celebration of saisons is coming up at Off Color Brewing. Across the country, Allagash is partnering with friends at local breweries to put together curated tap lists of the best farmhouse-style ales around. Come on out for great beer and even better company on April 14th. We’ll see you there!

inspecting the mash tun

Brewing Better Beer – Quality Control at Allagash

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We take the quality of our beer seriously. But what does quality even mean? To start, we’d point you toward a beer’s ingredients, a beer’s taste, a beer’s carbonation, a beer’s freshness when it’s packaged, a beer’s ability to stay fresh on the shelf (or in your fridge)… We could go on. Read More

Allagash Fish en Papillote

Fish en Papillote – A Classic Fish Recipe

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This recipe is one of those special ones. The kind that has few ingredients, allows for a lot of innovation, doesn’t take long, and always comes out tasting incredible.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Luckily, it’s not. We’ll lay out the basic guidelines along with some options for you to enjoy. Read More

Allagash Wild Beer Roundup

Wild Beer Roundup 2018 – Full Bottle List

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Allagash Wild Beer Roundup
The Wild Beer Roundup is around the corner. Everyone at Allagash is getting pumped up for another day of fun, games, and loads of gems from the Allagash cellars. On Saturday (1/27) we’ll throw the brewery doors open at 8:00 AM—though in years past people have lined up before. Beers go on sale at 9:00 AM sharp.

Without further ado, here’s the wild—as in, “holy dang that’s a wild amount of beer”—bottle list for this year’s roundup: Read More

Weighing the Grain – A Look Back at 2017

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Allagash Thank You For 2017
Last year was an eventful one for all of us at Allagash. We had a whole lot of fun and brewed even more beer. Beyond just saying “thank you!” for all your support, we thought it would be interesting to break down the numbers. So here, for the first time, is a list of some notable figures from our brewery in 2017.
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allagash coconut cookies hibernal fluxus

Contest-Winning Coconut Cookie Recipe

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Spoiler Alert: Federico was this year’s cookie-and-beer pairing contest winner with his coconut cookies. The beer pairing this year was Hibernal Fluxus 2017, a saison milk stout featuring Notes of coffee and chocolate, with hints of tropical fruit and rustic spice. Below, you’ll find Federico’s recipe, perfect for chilly evenings and holiday celebrations. Read More

Allagash Oyster Shucking

Beer and Oysters Part 2: Shucking

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Facing down a whole oyster can be daunting. The thin hinge. The craggy shell. The foreboding, rock-like inanimate-ness. We understand.

However hard the process of shucking appears, the right technique and some hands-on experience will have you opening fresh oysters in no time. The steps below, and visual aids, will help you get your first oysters open. Read More

a week in maine allagash

A Week in Maine 2017

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Earlier this month, we dedicated an entire week to the beauty of Maine. Because there’s no way to hit every spot we love, we tried to fit in as many uniquely Maine spots as we could. Below is a visual recap of “A Week in Maine,” day by day, experience by experience. Our hope is that you find a few (or many) reasons to spend time in our home state, if you’re not already here.

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Allagash White

What’s in a White Beer? (Part Two)

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In part one, we outlined what white beers are. Now we cover our story.

“This beer is kind of weird.” At least that was what Rob Tod, the founder of Allagash, thought when trying his first Belgian-style white beer. His roommate had brought home a six pack of Celis White. While that first sip may have struck him as unfamiliar, the last sip in the bottle left him intrigued. By the end of the six-pack, he was enthralled.

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Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland – Dog Adoption Event

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We’ll be hosting the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland for a very special dog adoption event. The event will feature:

– Puppies at the brewery, ready to be whisked off to a forever home
– A photo station set up for dog portraits (bring your pooch)
– Treats!
– Plus all leash and collar sales will be donated directly to the Animal Refuge League.

The event runs from 2:00 until 4:00, but we recommend coming early if you want to bring home a puppy—they usually find homes quickly. As an added bonus, two beers will have just released the day before. Brett IPA, a tropically hoppy beer fermented with 100% Brettanomyces. And Two Lights, a spritzy summer beer fermented with both lager and champagne yeast.

Allagash White

What’s In a White Beer?

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In this two-part blog, we’re diving into white beers, a topic we’re pretty passionate about.


At Allagash, we love white beers. It’s a storied style that we just happen to think is delicious too. And because we can’t get enough of it, we wanted to take a little time to talk about both the beer’s origins, and our take on the style.

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Cuvee d'industrial Lieven Blending Allagash blog

Why Blend Beer?

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If you’ve been around barrel-aged beers, you’ve most likely heard about blending. Because it’s a part of the process that’s easy to gloss over, we wanted to take a second and give blending the attention it deserves.

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Allagash Maine Grain

One Million Pounds of Maine-Grown Grain

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In the brewing business, buying locally often isn’t feasible. In Maine, the climate has always been right for growing grain, but the infrastructure just hasn’t been sufficient to meet our needs. Much to our delight, we’ve recently seen a steady and substantial increase in the amount Maine-grown and malted grains. That’s why we’re making the pledge that by 2021, Allagash will be buying one million pounds of Maine-grown grain per year.

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Sean’s Maine Lobster Boil: How to

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Allagash Lobster Boil
Want to hold a lobster boil that would make a true Mainah proud? Luckily, you don’t need to be thigh-deep in a snowbank on the rocky coast to pull off a Maine-style feast. Our favorite brewer/cook Sean prepared a truly memorable lobster boil with only a large pot and normal-sized grill. As we found, with some pretty minimal prep and the right ingredients, you can boil crustaceans and corn with the best of them.

Here’s what you’ll need for a meal that serves two (hungry people):

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gose gueuze Allagash blog

Gueuze and Gose – What’s the difference?

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This post was contributed by our VIP Tour Coordinator and Certified Cicerone, Lindsay Bohanske.


One of the best things about working in the Allagash tasting room is simply talking to people about beer. And while talking about Coolship Resurgam (our interpretation of a Lambic-style gueuze) I’ve noticed many furrowed brows. That’s how this blog post was born.

There are two beers out there that sound sort of similar, but are actually extremely different: gose and gueuze (you’ll also see it spelled geuze). To further confuse the issue, both beers fall in the wildly varied category of “sour” beers and they both contain a pretty high portion of wheat. That’s about where the similarities end.

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cacio e pepe honey paw mike wiley

Cacio e Pepe with Chef Mike Wiley

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Cacio e pepe translates from Italian to “cheese and pepper” or “want intensely to eat this.”


If there’s a dish that chefs make for themselves, it’s cacio e pepe. Pronounced “catch-ee-oh ee peh-pay,” the name literally translates to “cheese and pepper,” which is about the measure of the recipe. A sophisticated ancestor of today’s mac ‘n’ cheese, this meal is more technique than ingredients (the full recipe can be found at the bottom of this blog).

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