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That’s it, another year in the books. 2022 was filled with progress on the front of brewing high-quality beer for the benefit of our employees, community, and environment. Below, you’ll find an in-depth list of numbers that catalog some of the accomplishments and milestones of the past year that we’re most proud of.

Number of active members in our recycling co-op, where we gather hard-to-recycle materials from local breweries and businesses: 20

Tons of material our Recycling Co-Op kept out of the landfill: 47

How many pounds that equates to: 94,000

Number of experimental Pilot Beers we brewed: 185

Number of Podcast episodes we released in 2022: 15

Number of reasons for why we skipped episode number nine: 0 (we forgot how to count)

Pounds of Maine-grown grain we brewed with in 2021: 1,093,526







Pounds of Maine-grown grain we brewed with in 2022







Number of years an employee has to be with the brewery before getting to go on a week-long trip to Belgium with our founder and brewmaster: 5

Number of employees in 2022 who went on their trip to Belgium: 24

Number of employees who took a month-long sabbatical, available after 10 years of employment: 16

Number of R&D trials we brewed when trying to come up with our first year-round IPA, Hop Reach: 17

Number of IPA socials held, where our R&D team hung out to taste IPA trials and chat with employees about their reactions: 4

Number of ratings generated by employees during the feedback gathering process across those trials: 500+







Number of years running that our employees have voted us one of Maine’s best places to work







Position we achieved, this year, out of all Maine businesses in our size category (the highest we’ve ever been ranked): 3

Number of social media messages we received, in 2022, across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: 33,789

Number of Great American Beer Festival gold medals Allagash White has won, including its gold medal in 2022: 5

Number of beers only available in The Cellars, a brand new beer-tasting experience at Allagash: 3

Number of employees that took advantage of Volunteer Time Off in 2022: 87

Number of volunteering hours our employees completed, collectively: 998

Number of employees that participated in Giving Tuesday, where Allagash provides a $100 donation for any employee to direct to a nonprofit: 110

Amount of money donated on Giving Tuesday: $11,000

Amount of money raised, through tasting room guests’ generosity, for our tasting room charitable partners in 2022: $122,722.43







Total, including Tasting Room donations, that Allagash donated in 2022







Thanks, as always, for your support!

Brett has been a part of the Allagash Marketing Team since 2016. He's a big fan of sharing the many stories Allagash has to offer through blogs, newsletters, as the host of their podcast, and in intermittent appearances on social media.